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8-suit squad of doom
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Old 02 Apr 2006, 20:49   #1 (permalink)
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Default 8-suit squad of doom

Ok, I finally got the rulebook, and after reading it about a hundred times, i noticed in farsight's section it says that if he takes a bodygaurd retuine, it can be from 1-7 suits Does this mean my extremely costly 8-man squad of doom is possible?!
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Default Re: 8-suit squad of doom

bit crazy if you ask me, 8 stealth suits in one squad, all the body guard allowed special issue wargear, along with all the other wargear.

bit over powered IMO but yes, you can have an eight man squad.

;D ;D ;D

Edit: meant crisis suits, my bad

Think, it's not illegal yet.
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Old 02 Apr 2006, 21:01   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: 8-suit squad of doom

Originally Posted by kin7777
8 stealth suits in one squad
i ment the crisis suits...
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Default Re: 8-suit squad of doom

overpowered but cool
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Default Re: 8-suit squad of doom

Right. Farsight can take seven Crisis suits with him. I have a feeling you would almost need to give Farsight the large bodyguard in this edition, since he can not be fielded in games under 1,500 any more despite his limited army selections.
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Default Re: 8-suit squad of doom

yeh,i agree to that
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Old 02 Apr 2006, 23:22   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: 8-suit squad of doom

7 Shas'vre bodyguard XV8 crisis suits, armed with missile pods, burst cannons and multi trackers, 3 are armed with twin-linked plasma rifles and target locks.
=450 points

The unit of fiery death. deepstrike this into the middile of the army and let rip with:

12 STR5 burst cannons shots
8 STR7 missile pod shots
6 STR6 plasms shots (at seperate target)

for 75 points more you can gives them all twin plasma + targetting array.....
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Old 03 Apr 2006, 00:31   #8 (permalink)
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Default Re: 8-suit squad of doom

Ive toyed with this uber expensive and point heavy unit setup.. and here's Best setup so far:

O'Shovah (That's usual bling bling and hw TL.. that's important later)
3 Fireknife+ : PR, MP, Targ Array, HW TL, HW multi
2 Helios+ : PR, FB, Targ Array, HW TL, HW Multi
1 Flash Git Helios: PR, FB, Frag, HW TL, HW multi
1 Nuke Fireknife: PR, MP, Multi, HW TL, Failsafe det.

yea.. expensive. so, we have 8 plasmas, 4 missile pods, 3 Fusion Blasters, an Air Frag, and a Dawn Blade. EVERYONE has a TL so you can split up your weapon packages how you see fit (sometimes you just don't NEED all that firepower aimed at a single unit!), and its possible to split up fore 8 ways if you just wanna show off! After much thought, I feel the 8 plasmas are worth it (do the statistics of 8 rapid fire shots (6 at bs4) plus missiles/fusion blasts against Meq...), and theres suitable amounts of missile pods for guaranteed vehicle popping, and enough Fusions to be usefull from insta killing librarians to popping landraiders, should the opportunity present itself.

The footprint of such a monster unit can work to your advantage: spread them out, the Fireknife half could be over here, shooting up something, while the helios stuff is off to the left, engaging armor, while the flash git wanders wherever he will in the group, showing off his new pie plate projector... >

ok, so sure that's around 800 points, but now think of these few extra goodies to accompany them:
-Pathfinders. they're 0-1, and ooh I wish I could get more! now making the uber HQ shoot more accurately may seem a bit extreme, well, that also is what all those TLs are for, to not be so overkill! you need to learn where that overkill line is through experience though... but enough of the markerlight-kicker... lets talk marker beacon! the pathfinders Devilfish, combined with a deepstriking O'Shovah.. equals big big fun!!
-Monat Shas'Vre. since crisis are 1+, this guy fills the slot, and can carry some goodies: Iridium armor, CIB, Positional Relay, Vectored thrusters, 2 Shield Drones come to mind. Combine his positional relay with the pathfinders marker beacon, and you've got a lot less to worry about. plus this guy, with all his kit, can run wild while hes positionally relaying stuff and assault5-hosing, charging, hit and running, 2+ armor saving and generally making a fire magnet for himself.
- 2 gun drone squads of 4. Why? to hold in reserve, with O'Shovah, and positional relay in one each turn, letting O'Shovah to do his thing turn 4 or so... where he wont be attrition-ed to death.
Broadsides, Railhead. Because every Tau has to have a railgun or 3...
min FW squads acting as markerlight ablatives. 2,3 or 4 markerlight squads can add to the mayhem, and give you more point space for your HQ unit.

OK, I'm done giving away all my little notepad scribblings (urk! cant wait till Tau Empire update in armybuilder!), suffice to say: indeed; 8 Suit squad of doom!

PS: I'm glad O'Shovah isn't trying to be a CC Tau army anymore, and has shifted to a Suit heavy army, which is much more appealing, and has a chance at being more successfull!
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Default Re: 8-suit squad of doom

Or you could take 14 shield drones, plus every other piece of gear and get a single unit that costs 1048 points! And you still have 500 (well, 452) points for the rest of your army! =D

I'm definitely running that list at least once. I need like 6 more crisis suits, and O'Shovah himself, of course.
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Old 03 Apr 2006, 02:01   #10 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: 8-suit squad of doom

i am really hoping to try this out sometime, but i need 5 more crisis to even try it out.
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