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Farsight question
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Old 02 Apr 2006, 17:56   #1 (permalink)
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Default Farsight question

can the 1+ required crisis suit for farsights army be his bodyguards or another hq choice? does the required crisis have to be an elite choice?
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Default Re: farsight question

no clue.

i don't play a farsight army though...

Think, it's not illegal yet.
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Default Re: farsight question

Bodyguards don't take up a FO slot. It must be form the elite selection.
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Default Re: farsight question

Shas'O Farsight fills the required 1+ HQ Crisis Suit slot . You do not need to have another O or El for a HQ.

You are normally never required to take Elite , Fast Attack , or Heavy Support in a Tau Army.
The Farsight Enclave minimum is
1 Crisis Suited HQ choice,1 Crisis Suit, and two troop choices.
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Default Re: farsight question

i can not find anywhere where it says that farsight fills the required 1+ crisis commander, meaning that you are still required to take another crisis suit as a shas'el or 'o. It does say that crisis battlesuits must be taken as a 1+, it does not say that the crisis suit must be an elite choice. So the way that i see it is that a crisis suit shas'el or 'o would fill both these required slots. hopefully this gets cleared up later in a faq.
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Default Re: farsight question

Do not expect this one in a FAQ, as the answer should be self-explanatory. Why would they make Crisis suits 1+ when Commanders (in Crisis suits) are already 1+. The requirement would already be filled in a normal Tau army. This requirement and the selection limitations are there to force Farsight armies to play with a higher percentage of Crisis suits than a normal Tau army.

Crisis Battlesuit is being used to refer to the Elite unit in this case, just as Fire Warriors refers to the Fire Warrior team. Note 1+ units. So the minimum Farsight army is Farsight, one Crisis Team, and one unit of Fire Warriors.

Under the literal rules, Farsight needs to be accompanied by another Commander, but I have to think that this one was an oversight.
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Default Re: farsight question

i'd say that the farsight army doesn't have +1 commander as it is not in the farsight army restrictions - but the commander is the only HQ you can take (farsight beinga shas'O)

and the firewarrior +1 restriction is removed s that is the Only troop choice available

Originally Posted by Yaifrog
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Default Re: Farsight question

Don't have my codex here - but this was covered in the FAQ. The 1+ Choice is for a Crisis Suit Commander - either Shas'O or Shas'El. Farsight is a Commander, and a Shas'O, so would logically fulfill the 1+ Shas'o/El requirement.
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Default Re: Farsight question

Farsight's "breakaway faction" rules supercede the generalized army restrictions on the Tau list, as his armies are an altered fighting force. The rules are more restrictive in almost every sense. However, nowhere in there does it actually say there is a 1+ commander requirement. The 1+ fire warrior requirement is implied but irrelevant since Farsight does not have access to Kroot.

A very literal interpretation of the Farsight force rules can lead to some interesting results - you might not have to take Farsight at all!
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Default Re: Farsight question

how can you have a farsight army without farsight? i dont see how this can even be argued, please tell me. i wont ever do it but wonder how its possible.
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