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Markerlights: Loophole?
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Default Re: Markerlights: Loophole?

Originally Posted by ToastMaster

Yeah. Great, it's changed for good, and for bad. Now a whole unit can shoot at BS 4, (firewarriors), which is a good thing, but if you want to hit someone with one gun, (railgun perhaps?), then unless you attached a targetting array to the broadside, it only hits on a 3+ instead of a 2+, like it used to.
Right. But also remember that Markerlight bonuses are cumulative for multiple markerlight hits. So the big advance is that a unit of three Broadsides would only require two Markerlight hits to fire all of their railguns and their Smart Missile Systems with a 2+ to hit. The only aspect that has been weakened is using single markerlights to guide single Battlesuits, since Hammerheads only need one ML to go to 2+ and most Battlesuit teams benefit more from +1 across the board than +2 on one weapon.
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Default Re: Markerlights: Loophole?

ooh but imagine 2 markerlights guiding 6 stealth suits, with 12 gun drones... at range 18

(must make drool smiley)
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Default Re: Markerlights: Loophole?

For the drones question. I think for markerlight pruposes the drones are considered as passengers. (read the Vehicle Upgrades section). And if we are following Khanaris' wisodm, the drones should not get a BS upgrade.
Originally Posted by Wargamer
Aha, a brilliant point Impulse!
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Default Re: Markerlights: Loophole?

Hmm. The drones fire as "part of the vehicle", but "using their own bs". They don't benefit from a targetting array... interesting question.
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