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Is your army tough enough?
View Poll Results: what would you prefer to be against
necrons with a monolith 5 10.64%
daemonhunters with rhinos 5 10.64%
imperial guard with artillery 6 12.77%
tyranids with carnifex and hive tyrant 9 19.15%
space marines and rhinos 13 27.66%
orks with 10 ork knobs 9 19.15%
Voters: 47. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 02 Apr 2006, 11:59   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Is your army tough enough?

what team would you prefere to battle with your army. i would go for [glow=red,2,300]necrons[/glow].
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Default Re: is youtr army tuff enough!!

My Army is geared for heavy marine killing so nothing on their really scares me apart from guard with artillery, earthshakers landing on Hammerheads do not a happy Shas'O make.
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Default Re: is youtr army tuff enough!!

I would have to say space marines because rhinos turn in to tissue boxes in front of my rail guns ;D
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Default Re: is youtr army tuff enough!!

Nids hands down. Throw enough pluse fire at a carnifrex...
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Old 02 Apr 2006, 14:26   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: is youtr army tuff enough!!

I would say either Orks or Nids... both seem to be what tau armies are designed to destroy.

I've never had problems missile podding trukks to dust, and hosing down huge mobs of boys with massed pulse/burst cannon fire... fuggetabout the submunition or airburst abusiveness for the troops.... while the broadsides and railheads punch clean holes in dreadnaughts/ battlewagons

As for Tyranid, while Ive yet to ever face one (bummer!), Id imagine its the same thing, loads of s5 shots to hose down gaunts, crisis plasma/fusion/missilepod to handle the biggerups, and railguns to hole the big big ones.

personally, the only problem I have on the table is still hoarde Space Marine armies, where their armor is just good enough so that I simply cannot kill enough of them in the time and space required.
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Default Re: is youtr army tuff enough!!

I voted nids' just because I've never fought them and would love to. the rest have fallen to my victorious tau on many a battle field. >
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Default Re: Is your army tough enough?

Definatly Deamonhunters. Low model count, easy to crack open transports.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Is your army tough enough?

Orks with 10 nobs is the easiest choice to deal with from the vote.

But Tyranids I want to play against, only had the pleasure of once playing against them...

Never played against Dark Eldar and Necrons either, so against them would be fun as well
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Old 02 Apr 2006, 18:32   #9 (permalink)
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Default Re: Is your army tough enough?

For me it's a tie between space marines, necrons, and tyranids.
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Default Re: Is your army tough enough?

i voted without much thought.

my army would slaughter IG and i hope i get the chance to fight them. i have a pinning deepstrike army.
the artillery get the goodness of pointblank fusions on turn 2 and the guardsmen get the fun carbine barrage. lets see them make a pinning check on Ld 6 or less. i'd probably have the most trouble with the monolith but it's easy to ignore with tau and our fast mobility.
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