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They just have to die!!!!!
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Default They just have to die!!!!!

Hi Guyz,

After my post regarding tweaks to help with Tourny army selections, I realise that there are more concerning problems when playing Tau.

I would like to know what you believe are the worst units to face when playing Tau? Does anything in particular mean you will expend all you’re shooting to get rid of immediately?

I understand that deep striking is going to play a big roll in determining what you shoot at, but I want to know what you hate on Turn 1.
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Default Re: They just have to die!!!!!

Terminators, as they have great armour saves, power weapons, and can deepstrike.
Originally Posted by Falstead
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Default Re: They just have to die!!!!!

I haven't really played with the Tau yet, but I have a general rule that I go for anything that may threaten my heavy hitting stuff first, in this case whatever threatens my Crisis Battlesuits or Broadsides or whatever. Remember, the fewer big guns the enemy has, the more unstoppable your own artillery becomes.
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Default Re: They just have to die!!!!!

before i played necron myself,i was HIGHLY ANNOYED by the flayed ones deep striking into my lines.the fact flayed ones can always deepstrike.now..i use that myself:P

yes,Terminators are another thing
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Default Re: They just have to die!!!!!

Anything that threatens my speed or ranged superiority. As I fight marines most often this usually translates to assault marines, devastators and predators. Some armies like Eldar though make this extremely difficult.

I also really hate greater daemons or daemon princes.

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Default Re: They just have to die!!!!!

This is going to sound really stupid, but I'll list by army.

Eldar: Fire Dragons, Banshees, and Striking Scorpions. Suggested method of elimination: Massed fire after taking out transport. The Banshees won't survive more than a turn of it most likely. The Scorps are a different tale. I usually find it best to move a unit of 10 Kroot in and assault them after shooting them up a little. Maybe the Kroot win, maybe they don't. Point is they're not in my main line while they're tied down and everything else is moving back to give me shooting room.

Space Marines: Chaplains and anything in 3+ armor. I've never had a problem with Terms. They either die or they get knocked down so far I get 1/2 VP, but I have one hell of a hard time killing standard marines.

Chaos: Defilers and anything in 3+.

Tyranids: I've only played Nids once, inexperienced player. Just a buncha targets to shoot. Off hand I'd have to say the Genestealers.

Dark Eldar: Anything carrying a Splinter Cannon needs to go. The rest is cheese considering even our FW can bring down a skiff.

Orks: Anything that is both Green and can assault my lines. I'd liken fighting Orks to trying to stop an avalanche with a waterhose. You can do it. It just takes all the water in the world. I have a feeling Nids and Guard armies will be similar, but I haven't played Guard or an experienced Nid player.

Everything else: Don't know, haven't killed it yet. Want to fight more Nids and give the Necrons a run. WBB should make life interesting.

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Default Re: They just have to die!!!!!

Uh, guys, you can't deepstrike on turn 1. Reserve rolls start on Turn 2 so deepstriking terminators, flayed ones, etc. are not really answering the poster's question.

There are too many possibilities to list easily. Start by reading this thread: http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=433.0.

On turn 1 you have to worry about anything that can move 12" or more. This includes things like jump troops, berserkers/blood angels, fleet moving troops (gaunts, gants, eldar, dark eldar, genestealers, etc.), bikers, troops in transports (e.g., rhinos, raiders, falcons, etc.), winged hive tyrants, wraiths, cavalry, etc. This is especially true if you don't get first turn because that means you could get nailed by a 2nd turn assault (e.g., 12"+12"+6" assault = 30" threat range) with only a single shooting phase to save your bacon. One of the nastiest things you can run into is a BA Death Company with jump packs who get a blood rage roll of 6" - that gives them a 24" assault range in one turn.

In turn 2 and onwards, deep strike becomes a problem. This can be somewhat mediated by troop location, placement, but there are a lot of variables - homing beacons, drop pods, wolf scouts showing up in your deployment zone, etc. Probably the nastiest thing for tau to deal with are lictors since they can show up in any piece of terrain (which we are likely hiding in) and can assault on the turn they arrive. I've lost my HQs to a trio of lictors.
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Default Re: They just have to die!!!!!

For me its my Nemesis the Death guard Plague bearers.

They are cheap, summoned in on turn 2 on a 3+ and get to move/assault. Typically charging my units and getting a crazy number of attacks, whilst covering the rest of my army with Rot.

Havn't met anything as annoying as them.
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Default Re: They just have to die!!!!!

Necron Lod with Viel of darkness. My brother took down my hammeread, my suits and a couple of FWs with his Lord. But, it dea the next turn (mass pulse fire)
Originally Posted by Wargamer
Aha, a brilliant point Impulse!
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Default Re: They just have to die!!!!!

basic marine squads with heavybolters or missile launchers. they take for ever to whittle down, and all the time my firewarriors or crisis suits are going down by the droves. i fear basic marine squads with heavy bolters or missile launchers about all units no matter what army i play.
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