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Stealths and Gun drones
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Old 01 Apr 2006, 11:59   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Stealths and Gun drones

So with stealths having the option of taking support systems now they can take drone controllers. So my question is will it be better to actually take drones over more stealths.

For example:

3 stealths-140pts total
-5x drone controllers with 5 gun drones.

Or even old style 180pt unit:

4 stealths-180pts total
-5x drone controllers with 6 gun drones.

You can go larger of course.

Advantages I see is:

1.more modals in the unit makes it harder to go under half strength.

2.The gun drones have same range as the stealths and same amount of shots pts wise, but there weapons can cause pinning.

3. The gun drones will get free stealth fields.


1.Harder unit to hide.

2. Armour save of the unit will be effectively worse with a majority of 4+ saves.

3.possibly debatable whether the drones get stealth fields in this addition, I cant find it in my codex whether they do.Shadowsuns drone seems to get it and I would say they would get it but personally I cant find it in the codex.Also in the codex it says that any drones that join the stealths get to inflirtrate but no mention whether they get stealth fields.

Seems worthy of debate imo.
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Default Re: Stealths and Gun drones

Indeed, and it has been debated a lot. The general consensus seems to be that by the numbers, getting the drones is better than getting more stealth suits, however, the increased size of the unit will make it more difficult to hide. The argument is therefore whether more shootyness/wounds is worth that increased targetability.

Do a search for stealths and I'm sure you'll find something.
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Default Re: Stealths and Gun drones

I have used a unit of 4 stealths with 6 drones, and they are quite scary. Lots of firepower, some nice mass, and lots of I10 attacks should you get charged.

all-in-all a very good units, even one you can deply on the front line.
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