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Vespid - Yeah or Nay
View Poll Results: Poll on the Vespid- Are they worth getting or they not
Nay, Don't buy them. Tau are already Good Enough! 19 18.45%
Not bad, but tricky to use 43 41.75%
Don't buy too many, They need special tactics to be successful! 30 29.13%
Nay, Don't buy them. Tau are already Good Enough! 11 10.68%
Voters: 103. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 31 Mar 2006, 18:45   #1 (permalink)
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Default Vespid - Yeah or Nay

I have read tons on tactics but I would like to see how many people really like the Vespid or are like me truely undecided. I would also really like to see if anyone really hates them. If you are one of those that has strong feelings for them good or bad, please state why. I would really like this poll to enlighten ALL of US.

I am running the Poll for 2 weeks, because the New Dex was bearly released here in the states and people need time to try them out.

I be using Proxy models for now and I will vote later on.

I also will allow people to change their vote as I know one or two games don't make up the War.

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Default Re: Vespid - Yeah or Nay

I went with dont buy to many, need specail tactics.

I have used them a few times now. Now I only have the 6 that come in the box army.

I found that a unit of drones doess does as much damage and is easier to keep alive. The Vespid are fragile and hit on 4's. I noticed they need good terrain to be effective and once they strike they die the next round. and to me they have a high point cost which they have trouble earning back, IMO.

Now Hadokn wants to try them with marker support so I will have to see how that goes. But since I play mostly mech xeno awsomeness they are to fragile for me. I am waiting for the pirhanas :-)
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Default Re: Vespid - Yeah or Nay

This topic pretty much explains what I think of them: http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=21115.0
I don't think they are great, but they are effective if used in the right ways. I think they are quite strong combined with a squad of kroot, but only so good alone, as even with their low AP marine killing guns, marines manage more kills, and as vespids are even more points then a space marine that's not a good thing.
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Default Re: Vespid - Yeah or Nay

How many points? This is an important issue, because their capability increases when they are used with better and better units. For example, Vespids on their own are fairly defencless, and if they don't manage to kill each and every enemy in the squad they are attacking, they are in trouble. Double them up with some Burning Eyes, however, and those SM squads are in trouble.
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Default Re: Vespid - Yeah or Nay

I'm beginning to really like them and since I oftin go against MEQ's, I'll have to learn to master them.
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Default Re: Vespid - Yeah or Nay

I'm going to customize a bunch of Vespid models for kill team. Vespid are teh bomb in kill team, and it's worth having 9-10 models just for that.

However, I don't like having xenos in my tau army, so I'll be making tau with jump packs and neutron blasters as "counts as" models.
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Default Re: Vespid - Yeah or Nay

I've used them in three games and have done well with them in two out of three . But I think they need to be supported by another unit to be truly effective.
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Default Re: Vespid - Yeah or Nay

I don't need them. AP3 doesn't always mean victory.
Originally Posted by Wargamer
Aha, a brilliant point Impulse!
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Default Re: Vespid - Yeah or Nay

i would use them but wait about a turn or 2 b4 i start running up the field, 5+ save.
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Default Re: Vespid - Yeah or Nay

I'm starting to warm up to them. in a meq heavy environment with enough terrain and good supporting units they could be one of the best units available. but with a low leadership (for the regular stingwings) and the seriously bad armour save, you have to be very careful with them. I need to play a few games with them still, but right now I'm leaning towards using them only in a small points game.
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