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Timeline within 40K Game.
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Default Timeline within 40K Game.

Hi Guyz,

I have been looking through the internet and can't find any information on how to work out a timeline from the digits and letters given. I am sure this will help a large amount to players not just me; especially if they play fluff based armies like myself.

So, can somebody please help me, by trying to sort out dates that are displayed in the 41st Millennium?

I see a date such as:

5432999.M41 (Tau Empire codex, p. 20)

So, I figure the M41 is the 41st Millennium. Can somebody please let me know what the preceding figures represent? Or, are they just put there with no meaning whatsoever?

Thanks Guyz.
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Default Re: Timeline within 40K Game.

1.001.001.M42 - Happy New Year!

Anyway, your number:


5: How reliable the date is. Dates recorded on a planet with direct contact with Terra get a lower number than those who do not. (0-9) 0/1 being Earth standard date

432: The 'day', for administrative purposes only. The Imperial year is divided into 1000 equal parts (365 is impractical as every planet has a different number of days in a year) (000-999)

999: The year.

M41: The millennium

For example, today would be something like 0.252.006.M3

0: On earth, 252: simple math, 006.M3: 2006
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