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My first time with Mech Tau! What a Victory!
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Old 30 Mar 2006, 23:15   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default My first time with Mech Tau! What a Victory!

I played a 2500pt battle of tau vs Space wolves.......
and had two casulties!!!! one of which was a gun drone! (i lie a bit...... 1000 points of this was a Kroot mercinaries army of whom allied with me, and many of these kroot died) (and yes i am aware that this in turn, does not make it a mec tau army, but i've decided that it wasn't part of MY army list so its okay....)
What im trying to get at is TAU MEC [Insert a swear word used as a positive adjective] RULE!!! they're SO efficiant! ANYONE who hasn't tried one should really try soon! such victory with so little losses feels oh so good!
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Default Re: My First Time With mec tau!!! WHAT A VICTORY!

edit your post man swearing is bad here, and ah....get a grip. Post A battle Report. I would love to read it. Yes Mech Tau can be fun. And yes space wolves deserve to die. I versus them all the time..
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Default Re: My First Time With mec tau!!! WHAT A VICTORY!

Just bleep it like so: $#%@. Also you may want to check your spelling...........


P.S. Good job on the victory ;D
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Default Re: My first time with Mech Tau! What a Victory!

Mech Tau is a strong playing style although it does have its drawbacks. Try to post a battle report as said next time, its always better for us to see how you won, not just hear that you won. Anyway good job and yes the space pups need to die, they give me some bad headaches sometimes.

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Default Re: My first time with Mech Xenos scum! What a Victory!

sounds like you played mech tau how they were meant to be played: fast and very amiable to staying alive.
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