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Gue'la Guardsmen
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Default Gue'la Guardsmen

Hi guys,

I was just wondering if anyone there are any rules for a Gue'la Militia or anything?

And if so would anyone have any advice forming such a force.


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Default Re: Gue'la Guardsmen

Well, there is Chapter approved. They have rules for gue´vesas as a troop choice, basicly guardsmen with their lasguns, a pair of pulse weapons, EMP:s and marker light.

If you want to have a pure Gue´vesa force, you better use the doctrines in the IG codex.
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Default Re: Gue'la Guardsmen


Sorry this is only thing you can use with Gue'las at this point.

However, tactic wise you can throw some EMP grenades on them and send them after the enemey tanks. But, my Gue'la always get mowed down early, oh well I guess better them than the fire warriors.
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Default Re: Gue'la Guardsmen

Somebody at the GW US website, under the 40K section, has a true IG list from their Codex that he calls a Tau force, and he equipped them out logically to be IG who fight for the Tau.

Problem is in his methodology, he pulls all weaponry from the IG codex. The only way to outfit IG with any kind of Tau stuff is via the chapter approved link above.
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Default Re: Gue'la Guardsmen

Do you mean the Doctrine sugestions here?

The Dragon Host of Ceyl-Daroir, v2 WIP

Gue'senshi: The 1st Kleistian Grenadiers(edited on 06 April 2006)
v7.3 pdf

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Default Re: Gue'la Guardsmen

bah! Those are not the best doctines

Heavy Weapons Teams
Constript Platoons
Xeno-fighters: Orks

Those are
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Default Re: Gue'la Guardsmen

Well, those are good doctrines, but I wonder if a Gue´vesa froce would really be that... elite...
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Default Re: Gue'la Guardsmen

They would not.

Pure Guard, with no Advisors or Stormtroopers, would be a more accurate representation.
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Default Re: Gue'la Guardsmen

I dunno that probably represents training and armaments they recieve from the Tau. I doubt it would serve the greater good to just grab up a bunch of farmers and slap rifles into their hands the Tau probably wouldnt send these guys out without some good training and equipment. Though Im surprised the gue'vesa as a unit have so few upgrades and a 5+ save...

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