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Default Stealths

The new stealth suits have been brought up over and over again and we have had the discussion of Who likes them and who does not. I myself favour the old school Stealth suits, I have become attatched to the team as it is under estimated so severely and hurts the enemy over and over again. Thus I lost my inspiration to Play Tau any more, I moved to orks, Daemon hunters Witchunters and yet tau are still to be talked about. I find myself with Witch hunters shooting and fearing combat. Much the same as it was with tau. Now I am debating my bolter fire and Power armour to Pulse fire and Rail Rifles Markerlights Stealth suits all over again. I just would like to hear how the stealth suits have pulled some people out of danger. Or what they've done for you.
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Default Re: Stealths

1500pts vs Death Guard....Stealths suits hold up a squad of plaguebearers for 2 turns allowing my units to re-deploy.

1000pts vs imperial Guard...Stealth suits kill 3 times thier points Value.

400pt tag team Combat patrol.....Kill 3 SM bikes, Tac. Squad and Devastator squad, forcing another dev. squad to target and miss them on spotting 4 turns in a row.

Just a few reasons i love my stealths.
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Default Re: Stealths

I find the stealth team to be one of the most worthy Tau unit.

Most enemies just get frustrated because they can't shoot them, and then they trie to kill the team with a lot of firepower that could have been better fired at other more easy targets.

They are also superb troop killers, the amount of shots they can fire is really great.
I don't think I will be using fusion blasters in my team, better served for other units.

And in my opinion I find the new stealth suits cooler than the old, they more look like suits, bigger and badder.
they just look a lot like terminators (seen the robots in the movies?)
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Default Re: Stealths

I love Stealths. I love them because so many foolish players, especially foolish Marine players, fail to see them as a danger.

"Oh, they've only got Burst cannons, I'm not scared of them!"
*Stealths proceed to gun down four Marines, causing the squad to flee off the table.*

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Default Re: Stealths

My team of 5 stealths has killed a farseer and his retinue of warlocks in close combat, as well as stopping the advance of an entire ork army for a turn. I never play tau without them, because they are devastating to the opponent's morale and they are an amazing value for the points.
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Default Re: Stealths

Well. My stealths see a lot of Orks.
In one game they killed 30 Orks, 1 Warbauggy, 1 Wartrukk, and a Killa Kan. Mmmmmm...
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Default Re: Stealths

SS are good they are not great, the 18" range is limiting.

They really do shine when playing against troops that are T3. T3 troops are wounded on a 2+, which really does hurt.

I will be getting another of six, the new models of course and plan to use two units when I play against a T3 army.

But the cost is limiting, at 190 points for a full unit bonded gets expensive fast.

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Default Re: Stealths

Most memorable monment was a group of 3 ss gun down 3 nec wraiths on turn 1. the swearing was epic.

They have been good gunners for me in every game, my opponents go out of thier way to get them so it they serve as built in distraction.

Latly Ive also Modled marklighters on all 12 of my armies stealths. Im hoping this saturday to get to see them take on the path finders role of painting targets. my buddies cool with the idea since hes seen the modles and I think he wants me to sink 10 more pts per model for the war gear.

Ill be keeping a score card for a 6 man ss team and post the results. I dont have the new codex yet so ill be using the old maker rules for now.
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Default Re: Stealths

I have used them constantly and still nothing has passed their save. (Not disclosing any rules here) And this is with me constantly forgetting that stealth suit ability. So in conclusion even in the hands of a newb stealth's are effective.
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Default Re: Stealths

i often use them, i cant remember any specific moment,but i do know they have saved me.the stealth's give my opponent much anger,they find them annoying,and try to shoot them but fails to spot,very usefull :P
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