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Tau structure from GW site.
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Default Tau structure from GW site.


Check it out!
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Default Re: Tau structure from GW site.

Quite impressive. I like the sleakness of the buildings and how they would stand out on any terrain.
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Default Re: Tau structure from GW site.

nice vacume cleaner in the article lol

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Default Re: Tau structure from GW site.

I notice how MUCH stuff uses vaccum cleaner parts. Seriously, just how many floors do they REALLY have to vaccum 'cause they seem to go through a LOT of vaccum cleaner parts.

I get "odd" stuff myself. Molding clay, bottle caps, styrene from packages, and lots of "protective" stuff from various items (like these end caps for a rack I just got for the cluster...neat little things, I think they'll make neat little sewer grates or something), and let us not forget those pie crust plastic shields. You know, they're about a foot in diameter and are shaped PERFECTLY for a landing pad?

I just can't seem to get the "cool" stuff everyone else does. Oh well.
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