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had a close up look of new plastics and commander...
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Old 10 Mar 2006, 16:29   #1 (permalink)
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Default had a close up look of new plastics and commander...

well, teh title says it all pretty much, i got to play about with teh new stealth suits, the piranha squad and the commander suit.

the stealth suits are still, in my opinion, not as great as the XV15, though i must admit that seeing them up close and personal is better than the picturesmak out. the downside is that these guys arent very poseable at all. basically just two halves and some arms! i was expecting somethign more alongthe lines of the plastic terminators, allowing you more freedom when modelling. it also means that cutting away that big off shield thing that i dont particularly like is more difficult than hoped and as such ill be sticking with my beloved XV15s!

i also opened up a piranha squad box to unleash the masses of plastic in there. the piranhas are looking very nice, with lost of stuff crammed onto the sprues. though i didnt see any seeker missiles which is a shame. the box looks like great value, 3 piranhas for 40 saves you 5 from buying them seperately.

the new commander is ok, its basically just a XV8 with some added metal bits thrown in for fun. two head variants, the two special issue weapons and soem extra wargear bits. good news is that they are separate, meaning that those who just want the weapons for instance, can ring up mail order and order the two weapons on their own.
im also pretty chuffed cos i was able to get hold of the airbursting fragmentation projector which has been swiftly glued to a battlesuit. eat ordnance.

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Old 10 Mar 2006, 16:36   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: had a close up look of new plastics and commander...

what extra stuff does the piranha include?
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Default Re: had a close up look of new plastics and commander...

I must admit I thought the Stealth's were better than their pictures, so much so that I am hoping to acquire three more rather soon (done deal just waiting for them).

The new commander I don't know the difference because I haven't got an old one to compare it against.

I haven't seen the piranha yet.

I really want to get a feel of the skyray, but it looks like I will have to wait.

Some really nice models though.

I have just glued together my first batch of Fire warriors ;D ;D so I hope to get some painted over the weekend.
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Old 10 Mar 2006, 17:40   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: had a close up look of new plastics and commander...

Pictures of some of the new stuff can be seen here
curtsy of Xavier on warseer.

You should note that for the commander bits, parts of the guns, and heads have been put onto the tabs with the support systems. So individual parts won't be that easy to get.
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Default Re: had a close up look of new plastics and commander...

The metal bits that I saw in the commander box were grouped pretty usefully. The weapons were one bit, and some support systems were another. I don't really remember 'bout those since the support systems are mostly useless.
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