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Who's more effective
View Poll Results: Is Aun'Va or Shadowsun more effective
Aun'Va 0 0%
Shadowsun 9 69.23%
Either 0 0%
Other 4 30.77%
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Default Who's more effective

I was thinking, is Aun'Va, (white guy on chair with 2 Ethereals) or Shadowsun a more effective Special Character?
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Default Re: Who's more effective

A bit early for such a post dont you think? Even if I had the new codex, I don't really have the time to get in alot of 1500 pt games to see who works better.
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Default Re: Who's more effective

Special Characters aren't always made to be effective. For these two, it really depends on what you want to compare.

Aun'va is insanely survivable, and effective in being advantageous to the rest of the army (depends on your opinion of what is advantageous though), but isn't really effective at shooting (they have no guns.), however, on the other hand, can do pretty well in CC (well, his bodyguards anyway..).

Shadowsun is also pretty survivable, and probably more effective (an understatement) on the shooting side of things (I mean, duel weilding fusion blasters man! that's got to be cool!).

It's too early for me to judge though. Although I've read the rules, I'd like to see how they perform on the battlefield first, and for now, without the models, I'm not abuot to proxy them.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Who's more effective

they are fluff units. not ment to be effective.

i mean they look like real bruisers but an etherial/ stealth team will be able to do the same price at a fraction of the price.

id go for the etherial because its a cool mini and you can still use it as your etherial in your army. the body guards can alos be etherials if you want them in honour blades.
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Default Re: Who's more effective

Can i ask Mace why i did a similar topic a week ago and you closed it?

Anyway i think both are not really good...
Shadowsun could be useful in a particular list...Aun 'Va is totally useless! (###pts )

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Default Re: Who's more effective

When it comes to special characters, Im all up for O'Shovah...shadowsun ist that appealing, and Aun'va is an over priced ethereal (aun'shi is closer to my heart than that old fart on a power scooter) and thus I submit niether.
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Default Re: Who's more effective

Originally Posted by aglim
Can i ask Mace why i did a similar topic a week ago and you closed it?
Because with the said thread, it requires information from only the new codex, which not many people have. As a result, it is rather hard to discuss the effectiveness of each, with some people going off the codex, whilst others go off rumours. General questions, about the overall effectiveness of certain units etc are fine as long as they don't reveal information about the said units, though direct comparisons between weapons really requires the stats and everything.

That said, this thread can wait out as well, as it really requires thorough reading of the special character entries.

Locked temporarily until the 23rd, as per the Tau Codex Sticky
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