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18 stealth suits - effective?
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Old 09 Mar 2006, 23:02   #1 (permalink)
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Default 18 stealth suits - effective?

im facing a problem, here. A friend of mine who plays witch hunters has gone with an almost entirely infantry-based army. massive numbers of sisters and some gaurd platoons with Heavy bolters. hes got so many sisters that faith points are pretty much expendable. This means that all the cool ap3 weapons ive got are useless because he is constantly making his troops invunerable through faith. (for those of you who dont know, sisters can spend faith points to make some really good invunerable saves). this means that crisis suits are essentially useless.

so, what if i used 18 stealth suits? the high ap value of a burst cannon makes his invo faith useless. massive number of st5 weapons plus +3 armor. has anyone used this against power armor armies? is it effective? anyone else have this problem? hes got very little armour in his list...like, one excorsist and one immolater which he might even drop. also, he's toting massive numbers of heavy bolters. the guard wont really be a problem, i can just FoF them. any advice? thanks!
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Old 09 Mar 2006, 23:06   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: 18 stealth suits - effective?

We have a guy who plays witch hunters at my club, he's not lost any games yet (dunno how many he's played, at least 3 or 4.)
I haven't played him yet but if i do, i'll be able to lend more aid. ;D

This could be effective as the witch hunters have lower toughness, meaning more wounding ;D

personally i wouldn't use this though as 18 stealths make it hard to well.... be stealthy ;D
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Old 09 Mar 2006, 23:09   #3 (permalink)
lonely tau
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Default Re: 18 stealth suits - effective?

i would say take crisis with flamers because unless hes bvery active about it he wont space out models enough and then just let loose with the burnies.
auto hit lets say covers 10
3+ to wound,7
about 3 casulties per suit per turn
that means if you charged after shooting you could quite easily destroy 1 squad per turn
Old 09 Mar 2006, 23:12   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: 18 stealth suits - effective?

How about taking some Ion-Cannon hammerheads, try to make him waste down those faith points by firing at diferent squads?
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Old 09 Mar 2006, 23:18   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: 18 stealth suits - effective?

i thought of the ion heads. that might be a better idea. but...the submunition plate is very tempting. that could actually cover an entire platoon of his guard and take out almost all of his HB gaurd in one or two rounds of shooting, YEAH!

im a little hesitant to use flamers. he'll be using a jumpacking canoness with a st5 power weapon and a +2 invo on the table. and if im locked into combat after flaming, she'll be on my steel-plated butt in seconds.
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Old 09 Mar 2006, 23:26   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: 18 stealth suits - effective?

Done right, large sister squads are deadly.

My advice: hammer him from range to stay away from massed bolter firepower. Only get in close/rush objectives when enough casualties have reduced his effectiveness.

Massed stealths are a great idea. Moving 12" (over two phases) and hammering out large numbers of shots from range will clean up. But beware getting in bolter range- faith points will make those ap1, which is lethal.

Tau excel at mobile firepower, Sisters at short-range firepower. Keep moving and keep a safe distance until you have to close the distance.

Ah yeah, that jumpback cannoness is really bad news. She is a point sink, but usually the MVP of my sister armies.
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Old 10 Mar 2006, 01:48   #7 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: 18 stealth suits - effective?

My brother, not a very bright kid, is acctually amazing on how he uses his faith points. This is basically the same senario that I have to go through time after time. He has all troops(rarely uses tanks) and is allied w/ IG. Which have A LOT of heavey bolters. to change things up mobilize your army and have 2 rail heads to destroy the gaurd. then unlaod your troops and just fire everything up. you don't need crisis suits for the inv. the sisters get. So load up on troops in tranports. don't waste powerful weapons on inv Svs ( ie don't yous low ap on inv.... use normal troops and higher strentgh weapon). tageting all your shoots on a unit will destroy it(they have to fail those 2+ inv. Svs sometime (1/6 chance)).

Hope this helps halting the Faith of the Emperor!!!
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Old 11 Mar 2006, 14:18   #8 (permalink)
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Default Re: 18 stealth suits - effective?

thanks for your tips, really appreciate them! ;D
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