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Battle experience with the new Markerlights
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Default Battle experience with the new Markerlights

I played a 1700 battle versus Abbadons baddest. A really exciting and a very close battle. My pathfinder squad definately tipped the balance in my favour. I had a squad of 7 with 3 railrifles (these will be replaced with 4 additional markers). In a very exciting and important turn they lighted his Chosen Retinue with Lord squad and I unleashed Hell like never seen before! The squad got vapourised as IonCannon (w. SmS), Stealth Team and a Warrior squad shot everything to pieces. It really helps key units to have secured hits (2+). With additional firing in this turn I killed 20 Marines in one turn and this did the 'make or break' of the game. In turn two on the left flank I used a markerlight in a warrior squad to ligt a bike squadron for my stealths and this helped (didn't slow 'em though). My PathFinders did help other places in the battle and now I am sure that they have won first place for my opponent next time we clash and I'd be surprised if they live beyond turn one.

I give the thumps up for these guys!

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Default Re: Battle experience with the new Markerlights

can you tell us what units were involved and if possible a more detailed report??

i got my codex today but havenīt had time to read it in detail. but so far i'm not very impressed with the new ML rules. i might be missing something.

Pointing markerlights directly to the eyes may cause severe retina burns and lead to permanent blindness.
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