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Tau winning combat?!?!?!?!
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Old 09 Mar 2006, 21:05   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Tau winning combat?!?!?!?!

Time & time again my stealth suits always get into combat from the enemy either getting through woods and into them on the first turn or me just making careless calculating errors on the 'field. However, many times they have come out the winners of combat in the first round and make the enemy flee. This always make me either screem random thing for my joy, tell everyone in the store (or at home) that the Tau have won a combat, or just sit there and laugh. I know this is poor sportsmanship but having Tau win combat, what could be better? It's having the suits either rundown the enemy (which I love when its marines) or move further away, shoot, then assult move(usually a safe place after I realize I had a very bad starting location). I was just wondering if anyother people have experienced similar or even the same, yet marvelous, events.
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Default Re: Tau winning combat?!?!?!?!

I had a battlesuit shoot an Eldar Scorpion Exarch - charge the remaining, loose no wounds and return the favour by killing one in HtH and then the two remaining fled the Field. Definately a Kodak moment!

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Default Re: Tau winning combat?!?!?!?!

My best winning in hth battle moment was when I fought greyknight Terminators. I had O'Shova and 2 body guards with force fields. He had 10 Terminators but in the shooting phase I knocked him down to 3. I assaulted him and lost my 1 crisis suit and the otherone had one wound. While I killed 2 of the other terminators. In the end it was O'Shova vs The Grand Master. O'shova barely won with 1 wound left. After that I was bragging that I beat greyknight terminators in hth combat.
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Default Re: Tau winning combat?!?!?!?!

Could someone explain assault moving? I don't get it - I know if you assault you move 6 extra inches, but is there a way to do so w/o going in CC?

Back on topic,
Yup, once my squad of 12 Fire Warriors was assault by 8 D.E. Warriors. Ouch. They only killed 4!!!!!! Then I fought back in CC and - KILLED THEM ALL. It was a miracle.
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Default Re: Tau winning combat?!?!?!?!

My stealth suits have a record of a Salamanders chaplain, an Ultramarines chaplain, a BA chaplain, sisters repentia, and a whole host of other things. My stealths usually don't die in CC. All of the chaplains had Artificer to, but I charged the sisters repentia, remembering that they all had power fists
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lonely tau
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Default Re: Tau winning combat?!?!?!?!

i love to talk about this one.

khorne opponent with all of his army and i had a single squad of drones left. he charged with his lord and 8 berserkers,i was in cover so i attacked first and i slaughtered all of the berserkers and lost 1 drone. next turn i slaughtered the lord with 4 drones
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Default Re: Tau winning combat?!?!?!?!

Yes, it's all on how you roll. I once had three firewarriors in close combat with three khorne bezerkers, who were upgraded with feel no pain. My firewarriors all got above five on their to hit rolls, and two got fives to wound, he saved none, and missed feel no pain, too. I was incredibly happy, and my shas'o eventually killed the last one. A very good day.
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Kroot Shaper
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Location: Midlothian
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Default Re: Tau winning combat?!?!?!?!

Stealth suit seem like they were ment for closer quaters... +1 S, 3+ SV, Strike First in frist round...
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Default Re: Tau winning combat?!?!?!?!

I once beat 4 charging genestealers in CC with 12 fire warriors, and he struck first with all 16 of his attacks, and I only )lost 2 models (from rending) with the rest failing to wound or hit in the first place :P, go go fire warrior assaults.
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Default Re: Tau winning combat?!?!?!?!

my drone constantly get put in to cc and for some reason they usually win their record is 8 Sm DA 2 wraiths one rhino
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