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Xenology: the Dark Side of the Tau'va
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Default Re: Xenology: the Dark Side of the Tau'va

One thing that everybody should remember about Xenology is that almost everything is presented as being inconclusive. The evidence you suggest, Wargamer, is specifically stated as being inconclusive. It's a possibility, one that I support to a slight degree(I think there are pheremones, but I do not think they are used as a control mechanism more of a calming mechanism.) But even then it is all inconclusive. Also Xenology, though it is a great book prolly one of the best from the Black Library, has it's own flaws. Three fingered Kroot anyone?
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Default Re: Xenology: the Dark Side of the Tau'va

Still, the interview is there.

I think it's possible that the ethereals don't know how or even if they exert control over Tau. Not mentioning Farsight is not necessarily incriminating either. Tau society strikes me as one that would make use of the "dead to me" ethos. Especially with all the influence of eastern cultures. O'Shovah is a massive failure as the Tau see it. The ethereals probably say things like "he is not a true Tau", if they ever speak of him at all, even in private. Which is unlikely, IMO.
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Default Re: Xenology: the Dark Side of the Tau'va

Originally Posted by Wargamer
There is very strong evidence that the Ethereals are manipulating the other Castes.
You don't say. But the Tau belive that this manipulation is for the greater good and go along with it
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Default Re: Xenology: the Dark Side of the Tau'va

Then again we are entirely unsure as to whether O'Shovah has even left the Tau'va in the first place. The Etherials took his actions to mean this but it is very possible that he is fulfilling his role and fighting for the greater good as he sees it. In this case while he may have acted in a way the Aun would not have liked he still remains in the service of the greater good. It is also possible that warfare warped his interpretation of that ideology.

Also no matter how much "hard evidence" there is in xenology it is still from an Imperial standpoint and that means that one must take such things carefully. The interview could probably be put in a bad light no matter what the Etherial said and the Imperials performing the autopsy could misenterpret what they found. Also with the Inquisition present in the fluff it may also be that they altered such acounts/texts as the fluff goes and the probability of Inquisitorial interference is ever present. GW material is fairly difficult to sort through as both Tau and Imperial standpoints will be biased.

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Default Re: Xenology: the Dark Side of the Tau'va

Well, remember it only strongly hinted that the Ethereals might have some form oof pheromone manipulation - the official autopsy of the body found the diamond-shaped organs purpose to be 'inconclusive' and 'unknown'.

My understanding of it, talking to the author (Mr Spurrier), he told me that Ethereals didn't quite 'dominate' the other Castes, rather the Aun "has a calming effect on individuals, allowing them to see reason".

A form of 'empathic' ability to allow others to make decisions & choices, although without petty self-interest and fear and such affecting their judgement.

As for O'shovah? Why does everyone assume because he's broken away, he's 'free' - without the Ethereal, and now finding his old sense of ambition and base-instincts returning, he might have returned to being a 'slave' of his own nature...
"My sorrow and anger precede me with regard to the stubborn and selfish refusal of the humans’ Emperor to permit his people acceding to the One Path, forcing us to embrace the course of conflict. The Fire Caste will do what is asked of them, and demonstrate to the Imperium of Man that piety is no substitute for wisdom."
- His Exalted Majesty, The Ethereal 'Unforeseen Truth'
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Default Re: Xenology: the Dark Side of the Tau'va

has any one seen the "peacekeeper wars"? the farscape mini series. think of the way Ionians (spell) reason with other creatures is the similar like how the Aun relax other tau.

thought on the matter of stealth teams they are know for being a tad crazy

its probably the same way with pheromone in humans work. its part of the puzzle not the key to the mind.

it is documented that tau speak against Ethereals decisions rymr at the high council spook against other Aun's ideas "saying if you try and protect every thing you protect nothing"

i thought what you found out in Xenology book was really boring it had all been said from other sources. nothing worthy of intrest longer than a few seconds
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Default Re: Xenology: the Dark Side of the Tau'va

exactly- there are Tau that disagree with the Aun and the Aun know that they are not the experts on everything- in Firewarrior (if anyone disputes this its the same guy writing Xenology) there is a meeting of Tau upper commanders and the present Aun does not tell anyone to do anything, but is rather the mediator.
there are Tau outposts everywhere- like Sy'l'kell and Fal'ryn Run'eor which do not have ethereals present, so the idea that the Tau need to have ethereals nearby in order to function for the Tau'va is rediculous in the extreme.
As to "exerting" control, it might be a latent ability that no one knows about- they don't even consider it just as we don't consider how women have the ability to "exert" control over men with their own phermones (yet they are not in controle). As to O'shova? It seems like his problem is not with the Ethereals, but with the way the Shas society works (he was not assisted during the Arkunasha wars)- in his eyes he might still be loyal to the Empire, or that he has seen how the rest of the galaxy works and looks at it that he is a defender- of course his mistake would be that he has not returned. I agree that he is forgotton in the Empire- and that people look at him as an "old soldier" just as it says in the codex.
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Default Re: Xenology: the Dark Side of the Tau'va

Well think about it, how much control would the Aun need day to day?

Let's take an example...

Let's say you are told from birth the world is flat by, for the sake of argument, the church. Now, just because there isn't a priest around you won't suddenly stop believing the world is flat... but if you were to sail around the world, you'd know the priests had lied. Where there a priest around, they could make some kind of excuse to explain how the world really is still flat...

This is the situation with the Aun; They set the Tau onto the Tau'va path, and step in to nudge them when they start to step out of line.
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Originally Posted by Tom Norman
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Default Re: Xenology: the Dark Side of the Tau'va

This can work to your advantage though. My local GW has agreed that no matter who you are fighting you can use the deamon rules in the back of the Deamonhunters Codex. I have taken this and used it on my Tau army for quite some time. The story line is short but the Ethrael and Shas'o died and replacement came almost immediatly. The new Aun and Shas'o were using chaos as part of the "greater good" by using help from "newer allies." Then after I had the models I have made it so in some games my Ethrael will become a greater deamon. The tau still have the moral because they believe that this is for the "greater good." Sure you might think the tau are goodie-goodies, but face it, NO ONE likes a goodie-goodie. This might sound harsh but it gives the ability for a back-up in combat, or the only combat (because everyone knows kroot actually can shoot and only win in combat against tau and IG). Lets just let the energies of chaos lead us to a better, stronger, and more well-balanced Tau force.
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Default Re: Xenology: the Dark Side of the Tau'va

I like goodie-goodies.
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