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Why should I start Tau?
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Default Why should I start Tau?

There, that should get some replies. Ok. To set some background, I have the following 40k armies:

Necrons; Iron Warriors; Nids; Dark Eldar; Eldar (biel tan); Demonhunters; SMs (Salamanders).

I used to have, or am in the process of selling:

Khorne; Black Legion; Dark Angels; IG

Please tell me why I should start a Tau army (coz I'm sorely tempted). Or, please tell me what persuaded you to start a Tau army. Also, please include what type of army you play most eg. hyrbid, static, mech etc. and why it's better than others... O0
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Default Re: Why should I start Tau?

Tau are one of the armies that absolutely requires guns. they have 1 unit that is good in close combat and they are kroot. now that the codex is being redone weve got a bunch of special upgrades of fun ;D that range from increased aim to 2+ save.

i started because i read the book Fire Warrior and my friend said i should start playing the game. funny story i got my Tau army the day i finished the book and in the back i saw an ad for the board game.
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Default Re: Why should I start Tau?

Started because i like big guns, Tau have the biggest (i know, very male of me), their models have very smooth lines that don't require too much effort to make presentable so you can get an army painted up in no time. This of course is contrasted by the Kroot, and now vespids with a more organic.

The collection of races is a nice fluff side of things rather than the typical "we are best, everyone else can die/get eaten" thats so common.

Finally...they are the only real army in the traditional sense. There is no super unit that will guarentee you the game should you field it, everything has to work together making the Tau a very Tactical army that requires thought both in Army composition, Deployment and play.

I'm a hybrid player myself, Firewarriors form a defensive line while the more mobile XV suits and tanks roam the lines taking out whatever needs to die first.
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Default Re: Why should I start Tau?

For me, you gotta love the model range. The all out ranged focus is a stlye preference. With the new codex coming out there is sure t o be a lot of fun gadgets.
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