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50 pts on Embarrassment!
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Default Re: 50 pts on Embarrassment!

Originally Posted by Nakasi
Well if you're right in saying that tank shock is a moral check and you're worried about being shocked then invest in an Ethereal or bond your squads. That way you'll have a much greater chance of staying on the board and blowing that damn rhino up.
My squads are bonded. It doesn't help if you're 6 inches away from the silly thing. Also suits moving 18" towards the table edge doesn't help.

I play with an Ethereal every now and than. i just don't like going through all the effort to protect the silly little man. Also I hate going against ordnance heavy armies while he's on the board. Or even armies the deep strike and teleport gets annoying as well.
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Default Re: 50 pts on Embarrassment!

You can only Death or Glory if you pass the Morale test. If you fail you fall back.
Originally Posted by heliodorus04
Falstead, you're a genius!
Originally Posted by Farseer_Emlyn
Gah! Not a silly Canadian. Can't Falstead ever be wrong?!?!? ;D
Originally Posted by Rafe (Autarch Kiardras)
My god.... the sarcasm there nearly shorted out my computer screen Nice.
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