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Composition of O'shaserra Bodyguard
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Composition of O'shaserra Bodyguard

Hello fellow commanders!
I had some ideas regarding our new great commander and hero O'Shaserra.
Given itīs role as supreme commander of the tau army and leader of the third spansion, one logical thing is provide her with a escort/guard/bodyguard of best firewarriors the tau army can provide.
Up to this point all is clear to me, but which will be composition of this hypothetical bodyguard group should be?

Here are some variants I have thought:

1) Two XV22 experimental suits like the one carried by O'shaserra.

2) Two XV22 experimental suits with two plasma rifles and the same other gear and capabilities of Shadowsun's suit except the guns.

3) Three standard XV25 Stealth suits, one with a drone controller plus two defense drones

4) Two standard XV25 Stealth suits, one Win a drone controller plus two defense drones

5) Two XV8 Crisis suits with stealth field generator and only two hardpoints left for equipping.

6)Two experimental ones XV8 Commander Crisis suits with stealth field generator incorporated. Each with a hardwired drone controller and two defense drones and two experimental gun drones armed with pulse rifles instead of carabines.

I know that options 5 and 6 are not real but why not? You can consider it if playing non official games with your friends. Of course they are the most controversial and expensive in points. Option 2 is quite logical, you give the squad the ability of rapid fire and the sheer power of the tau plasma; and I am sure tau scientists have proved this weapon config before releasing the one given to O'shaserra.
I know that it is clearly fiction, but what do you think? What other variants did you include to protect or expand our commander?
Of course, critics and comments will be welcomed.
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Default Re: Composition of O'shaserra Bodyguard

Well of course O'Shasserra is a special character and must be taken as-is, with no bodyguard.

However if you want to play with house rules, that's another story altogether. Personally though I think Shadowsun likes to operate alone, a fast, small, and hard to see target, with just her drones, doing close range work with her fusion blasters.

The XV22 is linked to Shadowsun, I believe she is the only one field-testing it. Besides, 3 XV22s wouldn't make a very interesting unit anyway.
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Default Re: Composition of O'shaserra Bodyguard

Anoter Xv-22 or 2 would be cool. But better as indepenadnt Shas'o's The Fio give their newst toys to trusted commanders. I kinda wil for 2 more drones. She looks cool with her smal entourage of drone "advisors"
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Default Re: Composition of O'shaserra Bodyguard

You could add Shadowsun to whatever unit you want as she is an independent character. I'd add her to a unit of Crisis Suits personally. Preferably an anti - infantry unit of Crisis Suits, so her target lock can be put to good use. 2 Fusion Blasters is enough to take out any one vehicle (with the exception of a Monolith or Eldar Skimmer with holo - field) so putting her in anti - tank suits would just be overkill against standard armies.


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