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A little rule questio regarding Sh. drones and wounds..
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Default A little rule questio regarding Sh. drones and wounds..

In a local tournament i was fighting a nasty blood angel with 2 reclusiarchs :-X :-X

He fired into my HQ team (Shas'el+ Bodtguard+ Sh drone) with a rapidfire plasma and hit twice. One wound on the shield drone (he died) and one on the bodyguard.

The next turn he fired again and hit once... i wanted to give the wound to my Shas'el because there was a lascannon in range and if the bodyguard dies he can instakill my Shas'el.

My opponent told me that i can't put the wound on the Shas'el because the bodyguard was already wounded and they are multi-wound models.

So the bodyguard died and the lascannon shot my Shas'el to pieces :'( :'(

I lost 197 points! :'(
I ask you if this rule is true

(sorry 4 my english)

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Default Re: A little rule questio regarding Sh. drones and wounds..

I won't be able to quote which page says it where in the rulebook since I'm in a hurry at the moment but unfortunately for your situation, the answer is 'Yes the rule is true.. Once a model in a unit is wounded any follow up wounds taken is allocated to him. This little tidbit was brought to my attention by GW staff which I then used to my advantage against my girlfriend's deepstriking Obliterators. (which are hard enough to bring down as is)
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Default Re: A little rule questio regarding Sh. drones and wounds..

Not sure on the actual ruling but where possible whole models have to taken away as casualties where possible so as mentioned he was right
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Default Re: A little rule questio regarding Sh. drones and wounds..

Page 27 pf the BFM Rulebook (same page as the "Instant Death!" box-out) - the bit about "Creatures with more than one wound" and "Armour Saves and Multiple Wounds".
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Default Re: A little rule questio regarding Sh. drones and wounds..

Actually with the current rules you'll have to use the majority save. Which means your body guard and leader out numbers the shield drones so the bodyguard would take the wounds first. Until the shield drones are the majority.

Also if you take a wound on a model than you have to use that model first to save than the others second.

But now they fix the drones the first paragraph doesn't apply.
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