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Where will the Empire be in 1000 years?
View Poll Results: Where do you think the Empire will be in another 1000 years?
Annihilated 8 7.69%
Clinging to life 12 11.54%
Just as now 12 11.54%
Ever expanding 57 54.81%
Ruling the galaxy 15 14.42%
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Default Where will the Empire be in 1000 years?

I guess my question is related to Tau fluff. What do you think future holds for the Tau? Will they one day become even mightier than the Imperium? Or will they flounder and fall before the hatred of a thousand hungry foes?

Keep in mind that answers of "nothing will happen because Games Workshop dosen't want it to" aren't really what I'm looking for. If Warhammer was a book (ie, has an end) what do you think will happen to them?

Just curious. I guess I'm curious to see what you all think.

Thanks for your thoughts.

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Default Re: Where will the Empire be in 1000 years?

I can't see any current option with the galaxy set as it is, other than ever expanding.

Technologically and logistically the Tau lack the neccessary's to go annihilating anything however they do have the ability to defend any such threats.

Tyranids can be taken out by focused attacks ala shadowsun on the hivemind/synapse creatures. The imperium is under seige on all sides leaving little possibility of a full scale attack, the eldar seem to have some preference to the Tau.

The only threats would come from Orks and Necrons. But as Farsight showed, Even with little intel the Tau managed to defeat Ork forces. Now with improved weapons and tactics we can only assume that ability is greatly improved.

Their methods of expansion, through diplomatic means rather than going all out militarily really helps to cut down on resource use. So i can see them ever expanding through diplomacy mainly, while the Firewarriors keep hostile forces at bay.

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Default Re: Where will the Empire be in 1000 years?

Tau are the new humans. They are destined to conquer most of the galaxy.

The only thing standing in their way is the tyranids.

EDIT: I mean they will not conquer the galaxy in 1000 years. Humans didn't. The Tau may do it more slowly or more quickly, but definitely not that much more quickly.
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Default Re: Where will the Empire be in 1000 years?

I say that the tau will rule the galaxy, but it will take longer then a thousand years. They'll just be expanding.
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Default Re: Where will the Empire be in 1000 years?


Eventually, the Imperium will realize that they should have crushed the Tau in thier early stages, but now they have become a great threat, in 1000 years, they will even surpass the Eldar as a threat to the Imprium. And sooner or Later, the Tau and Imperium should team up, becasue the Tau could eventually kill them all, and if they team up, the Imprium will surivive, and keep all its lands, while the Tau take over everything else, then in the end, the Imperium will backstab the tau, then they will be destroyed. 10,000 years for that is my guess.
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Default Re: Where will the Empire be in 1000 years?

I think its kind of a moot point, as you are asking the question in a forum about a race that is epically optimistic, so i figured most players would feel the same.

As long as the tau do not become the target of a tyranid hive fleet, or ork waagh, they should be alright.

Against a massive invading force tau would be hard pressed because of their lack of size. If they however incorperate human systems (humans are quite reproductively prolific) they may be able to assemble the man power (and warp technology) to start liberating the galaxy.

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Default Re: Where will the Empire be in 1000 years?

I see the single most critical element holding the Tau back as the lack of Navigator-type psykers letting them get around the galaxy. While I imagine they could do the bland 'just use aliens' approach as they do with the Kroot and Vespid, any human they use will be extremely dangerous as they are not soul-bound as true Navigators are. Without the psychic choirs for guidance and the Emperor's protection (and Gellar fields on their ships etc), there's no easy way for them to go through the Immaterium without risk of corruption. While other races do have warp travel (in some form or another), I doubt it can be applied to a high enough scale to work on the level the Tau would require to expand fast enough.

Then there's the potential invasion of the Tyranids...you can say 'just do what Shadowsun did' all you want, but you're missing the fact that while the Tau learn fast, the Tyranids became the way they are by eating people that learnt fast (and even more people that didn't :P). They will simply develop a way to beat the Tau and eat them anyway- the way the Imperium learnt to beat the Tyranids was only through a self-damaging scorched Earth policy and even then it wasn't beating them, it was slowing them...and at a cost far too high for the Tau to ever do. Also, the Orks beat them through sheer weight of numbers and aggression, plus being almost as natural and dangerous fighters as the Tyranids are themselves. The Orks are true survivors, the Tau aren't. Again, there is a problem.

The Tau win through corruption, reason and technological fanciness. They basically win through being 'clever'. This will not hold off the Hive Mind for long. A real large-scale Kraken or Leviathan fleet would destroy them...I mean, yes, they can expand and grow larger and have better weapons but that's beside the point- the bigger they are, the more likely they are to attract attention from something very nasty and dangerous.

I believe the Great Devourer is the true terror of the 40k Universe and it's ultimate demise, no amount of hope or progress can stop such unreasoned hunger...except, mayhap, the Orks

For the Tau, though, there is going to be expansion and progress and innovation...but not forever. Not for long.
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Default Re: Where will the Empire be in 1000 years?

i think they will rule the galixy.

my main reason, look at the imperium now, thats 40k years. the tau already have better technology in only 6k, the imperium has been around almost 4 times as long, and are worse with technolagy.

the only thing they have over the tau are power armor and numbers, the power armor the tau most likely will envent, and be better, and numbers will advance majorly, so far they have kroot and vespids, think about how many other alien races will come to their way of thinking, and join the empire.

also, tau are making rail rifles, so soon they will be lighter, be better, and in every fire warriors hands. even if they dont have massive numbers or power armor, and army of rail rifle holding fire warriors will surely be able to defeat any and all foes they face.

do i think they will rule the universe? yes i do, and i think they will do it within or before 1000 years.
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Default Re: Where will the Empire be in 1000 years?

i believe that they will just keep expanding forever because they think that everyone is an equal (doesnt look like it but they say just that) and so they will just keep growing like the pimple on my back.....
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Default Re: Where will the Empire be in 1000 years?

Originally Posted by Yoriaki
my main reason, look at the imperium now, thats 40k years. the tau already have better technology in only 6k, the imperium has been around almost 4 times as long, and are worse with technolagy.
Okay, the Tau have better base level tech available, but the Imperium has way better high end tech. So the Tau have Nova Cannons? Working Warp Drives? Vortex Warheads? No.

In my opinion, the Tau will be on the verge of extinction, unless they are really lucky. Sooner or later, they will touch something they shouldn't have. When the Valhallan 356th stops receiving guns and ammo, they are going to wonder what happened to that forge world that no one has heard from. And don't tell me that "they don't have the numbers", because they do. How did all those soldiers get mustered for the Sabbat Worlds Crusade? The Macharian Crusade? It may take some time, but it can definitely be done in under 1000 years. If the Tau continue to do what they are doing now, they will be in a world of hurt.
But seriously, a Guardsman, I'm willing to bet, could a) outshoot me, b) give me the beating of my life, and c) shove more squad-based tactics down my throat than I'd ever care to digest. Guard are hard, hard men. Whether or not GW's inconsistent, Marine-worshipping fluff keeps with that, mkay?

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