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What will happen?
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Default What will happen?

What will come of the tau? Will they become the ruler of the galaxy as their technology advances even further? Will they be washed off the face of the eastern fringe? Will they switch their methods of warfare? Your thoughts.
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Default Re: What will happen?

The Tau will have a hard time take control of the galaxy
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Default Re: What will happen?

The Tau will grow stronger and as they get bigger, fight nastier enemies. They will never take over the galaxy, never become a powerful influence and never take over anyone of great importance.

They will become more powerful and, at most, defend their regions and slowly expand...they simply cannot hope to deal with the Tyranid fleets like the Imperium can...or major Waaagh! power like Ghazghul's. They're too small now...and in time, yes, they will get stronger and assimilate more and take over from the Imperium...but the fact is that no race will they make too powerful. Ever.

So...overall...the Tau will get better but not good enough to rule the galaxy as Humanity does.
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Default Re: What will happen?

Orks and Tyranids will be fought in typical fashion, always gaining more and more success (Only the Orks would prove a problem).

The Imperium however as we have seen with latest expansions will be fought primarily through psychological warfare and subversion. Get the Water caste in, twist the populous, let them rebel against their own leaders and join the Tau Empire willingly.
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Default Re: What will happen?

Tau will continue growing, but will never destroy any other armies, nor disappear, (unless of course they being to not sell well for some reason, and the divine powers that be decide to discredit them)

I think possibly if tau had been expanding earlier they might of gained galactic control, but since the imperium already rule most of it, while necrons and tyrnaids are appearing again, and orks are being their usual self, they will find it difficult to gain control.

Though Eldard Ulthran did say that he forsaw that the tau where to accomplish many great things, and even rival the old eldar empires that were.

One main problem tau face is their lack of warp space capabilities, which both helps and hinders them, it hinders them because if they were to expand too big, travel between planets might become difficult, but it also helps them because it means that contact with the warp and chaos is kept to a minimum.
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Default Re: What will happen?

as the galaxy will be wiped out by the great devourer the indigenous races donīt have to worry much about the future.

they prefer to blow each other appart like thereīs no tomorrow while the īnids turn the galaxy into a huge picnic.

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Default Re: What will happen?

The tau will continue to expand slowly, mainly cause they dont have warp travel.

Hopefully they will start integrating more human systems to the point where gue'le warriors are integrated into the regular fighting forces along with the kroot & vespid.

Im thinking like gue'la attack squads with infiltrate, pulse carbines and catachan stats for about 10-12 points, with the option of taking heavy weapons.
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Default Re: What will happen?

Over time the tau will expand throughout their small sphere, but one way or another, soon they will encounter Chaos. They may not have any psykers of their own, but other races in their empire do. When tehy make their breakthrough with warp travel, they will start to encounter the perils of the warp. The tau are niave and have the great weakness that their peace is tied to the etherials. A subverted etherial here or there, a powerful ancient artefact (read: deamon weapon) "Discovered" by a rogue commander, and soon the tau will have a crisis of epic proportions.

Of course, if they fail, the poeple who genetically engineered them will simply try again.
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