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Which battle box?
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Old 04 Mar 2006, 15:19   #1 (permalink)
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Default Which battle box?

Hey, im gonna start a Tau army really soon and i was just wondering which batallion (battle box, army box) i should buy, the new or the old? I was planning on buying maybe 2 simply becasue you save $30 per box (hell...ill take a free box of kroot).

12 Fw-i love these guys and plan on using 5 units at 1.5K
12 Kroot-eh...they are free so ill certainly use them
3 Crisis suits-classic, i like em a lot

12 Fw-same
12 kroot-same
Fish-I plan on using probably 2 and they are kinda cool
1 Crisis-only 1!
3 stealths-i kinda like them, but im finding pathfinders much more attractive with new marker light rules.

I dont really think buying one of each is an option just becasue i dont want to be completly decked out in elites (2 units of 2 Crisis, and 1 dinky unit of stealths.)

Thanx for the help
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Default Re: Which battle box?

you forgot that the old box comes with ten gun drones also
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Default Re: Which battle box?

I just think you should see what is in your army list and which one will save you the most money. For me i can save the most with the new army box.

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Default Re: Which battle box?

do u have a codex?????????????

i kinda dont think u do, or that ur realy strange. 5 slots of fire warriors in a 1500 point army????

u shuld realy be playing some games first. get a codex.

u shuld do what i did. i got my codex, and made a list, then used proxies (fakes) of all the guys, using DC heroclix. i got the hang of the game, learnt the rules by playing with my friend, and found out what units i liked, disliked, and what each stats real advantages were.

after you have done that, make a list, and then see what box has the most of what u need, then see if you even get a discount off buying them seperatly.
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Default Re: Which battle box?

I dont have the codex but I know i want 5 units of FW in a 1.5k army. I think all armies should be made up of mostly troops, its a shame to see one army with 3 railheads, 3 basilisks, 3 units of termies ect...
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Default Re: Which battle box?

the new armybox looks great. i think its much better than the old one. if you add everything up youll save much more money with the new one.

you can almost make an army patrol of 400pts straight out of the box. all you need are a few extra kroots or a second suit.

beside who needs gun drones and palm trees??

any Tau player has got at least a dozen gun drone sprues in its bits box...

if you buy to army boxes and add a few heavy support choices and a couple of battlesuits youll end up with the cheapest army money can buy.

i wish there were boxes like this one when i bought the original one.
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Default Re: Which battle box?

So your saying definatley go with two of the new ones?
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Default Re: Which battle box?

Not necessarily, but it would save you a crap load of money ;D. Would be alot of work too, having thos boxes hangin around unfinished. I would but the battle box, start building/painting them and finish them up, get get a feel for the units then go ahead and start addig what yo like or maybe just double your force with another box then.

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Default Re: Which battle box?

Basically, you would be quite insane to field 5 full squads of FWs. First, you woudn't need all of them. (heck, I don't even have 4 squads in my 3K piont army). I field 2-3 max in a 1.5K army.

I agree with Yoriaki. Start small. Get a codex, make proxies (I use paper cut outs) and learn how to play. You will learn that you will not need all 5 squads.
Originally Posted by Wargamer
Aha, a brilliant point Impulse!
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Default Re: Which battle box?

The second battleforce saves you more money than the old one, once you add up everything separately. I would say, that you go with the second one - a devilfish and a stealth team would usually be the units that would be suggested to get next should you get the old battleforce.

The new battleforce also seems suited for mech, and looks like a very good starter and expansion box. So I'd go with that. Two of them would be nice, if you have the money. That would leave you with two mechanized Fire Warrior squads, one full kroot squad, one full stealthsuit squad, enough drones to form a drone squadron and two crisis suits (one of which is the commander). All you'd need is some heavy support options - a hammerhead or broadside and you're all set. The very first step though: if you haven't already - get and read the new codex. The list of worldwide release dates are found here if you didn't already know them.

5 units of Fire Warriors in 1500 points does seem a bit excessive to some people, but it's good to see players who stick by the fluff etc, of armies made up mostly of troops rather than all the heavy and specialized weaponry. It's up to you

Regarding drones, kroot, and stealthsuits - they're all very good units - don't underestimate them. There's a fair amount of tactica written for the 3rd edition codex, it'll need some updating for the new one, but it'll do for now - here's some I wrote:
- Kroot - Truths and Tactica
- Drones - Truths and Tactica
- Detached Vehicle Drones
- Stealth Teams - just a simple advantages/disadvantages thing.

It might also be good to read up on the different army playstyles and Mech Tau Tactica (external link).
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