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Overrated Hammerhead
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Default Overrated Hammerhead

Whenever I post a army list on this website or any other webstie, I always receive the answer of "Where is your hammerhead?" I have always firmly believed our tank buddy the hammerhead is slightly overrated. People carry weaponry just to blow that tank out of the air. Why don't you just waste all those anti-tank points that your opponent takes and just plain don't take a hammerhead. Hammerheads are a medium armoured tank that is a cross between Eldar and Ig tanks. It is an all around pretty well balanced tank. I understand its advantages, but is it as good as it is made out to be?
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Default Re: overated hammerhead

Hammerheads are actually a very surviveable tank if you equip it properly. It can move 12' and still fire all it's weapons, thus gaining skimmer bonus. Add that to front armour 13 and side armour 12 (not to mention re - rolling immobilize results) then it's a fairly nasty tank.

Good as it's made out to be? Yes. Essential for a good army? No. You could very easily buy a few cheap Broadsides instead of a Hammerhead.

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Default Re: overated hammerhead

the hammerhead is one of the best if not the best tank in the game...

it combines the fact that it can move 12" and fire one of the most powerful and versatile guns in the game...

is it a must in a tau army? iīd say no.

in order to operate at peak effiiency the HH must be deployed along with devilfish mounted firewarriors. if you have at least 5 skimmer tanks on the table your enemy will have an hard time has he will be facing a highly mobile army that renders itīs anti infantry firepower almost useless and can strike anywhere along the battle line.
he will have a real hard time selecting itīs target priority and will commit mistakes easier as the situation becomes very fluid turn after turn.

on the other hand if you play a more static approach broadsides are cheaper and since they will be able to hide due to the slow and purposeful and get can get great protection from the shield drones thereīs no point in using HH since mobility is their most important asset (a stoped HH is normally a dead one).

too bad broadsides donīt get the submunition

my 2 cents

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Default Re: overated hammerhead

Not moving your Hammerhead isn't ringing the death bell for it, even a lascannon on a BS of 4 will only destroy it with an 11% success thanks to its ability to emergency land rather than getting immobilized.

Moving obviously greatly increases this chance with only a 5.5% chance to destroy, and 3.6% chance to destroy through immobilized.

If your opponent wants to waste 20+ lascannon shots to try and take it out they are welcome too, just means 20 other models in your army are less likely to die.

With Ion Cannon and Burst cannons the Hammerhead can take down Meq's and Horder's that vastly outprice its own cost thanks to the new Codex Prices inside a few turns.

A few Broadsides for true Anti-Tank power and you are set.
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Default Re: overated hammerhead

On the other hand, I play Mech. I love floating fire, and consider whether moving and hitting the side is better than aiming lots of Broadsides at the side they want you to hit.

I like it. I include 1 in almost every list I build, but Bsides with their sexy ASS will make their way into my list.
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Default Re: overated hammerhead

I think i like Broadsides a bit better i think the Hammerhead
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Default Re: overated hammerhead

Tau are not marines, with heavy weapons in every squad, but we do have versatility in a few places.

The Hammerhead is one such place. Anti-everything, highly mobile. Decently armored and with skimmer glances meaning it is one of the toughest tanks to take down. Your opponents will be shooting at the front, if they even get a clear shot at all.

But as always, versatility comes with a price. The hammerhead is very expensive, and less effective than its specialized counterparts - broadsides have an easier time taking down armor, stealth suits can rake down plenty of infantry for that price - your opponent can't avoid burst cannons by spreading out!

Still, the ability to switch between these tasks so quickly, and basically anywhere on the field, makes the railhead a great buy.

The ionhead is specialized differently. It has a niche infantry target, and can damage light vehicles or side-hunt heavier ones. It is a fantastic supplement for some lists, and a little extra firepower for others.

I couldn't imagine playing a list with NO hammerheads. However, I could see someone else doing it. I might do it if I get really bored. =p
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Default Re: overated hammerhead

Ok for give my n00bish-ness but when you talk about getting some suits out on the field do you mean Xv8 or Xv88's?
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I could almost see that.
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Default Re: overated hammerhead

Originally Posted by RaShan
Ok for give my n00bish-ness but when you talk about getting some suits out on the field do you mean Xv8 or Xv88's?
In this context, I believe they mean XV88s because we're talking about anti-tank firepower and while fusion gun suicide suits are nasty, they are no replacement for the XV88

I actually think the Hammerhead is one of the truly iconic and fundamental units in a Tau army, be it mech or hybrid. It is extremely hard to kill under practically any circumstance, it is fast enough to move around and is a skimmer, it has a devastating anti-tank weapon AND it can fire submunition rounds and burst cannon at anything weak when there's nothing else left to kill or just while it bides it's time. It's an amazing tank and, while not cheap or packing raw power like a Broadside team, makes up for this with vastly superior mobility and versatility...the former a staple and the latter a novelty in a Tau army list, both good reasons to take at least one, depending on your reliance on mechanised units.
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Default Re: overated hammerhead

Now, why does evryone thinks hammerheads are tanks?

They are not tanks, they are soupedup fishes, add armor here a bigga gun there and vioala! you get a gunship

(think about the hueys, vietnam ones, there where transport variants and attack variants)

Hammerheads are a vital part of the mech tau, While broadsides may be prime tank hunters and add some good firepower, They are as static as my social life now-days
The hammerheads excell at mobility, heck, if i can dance arround nids, i will
Plus, add Pileplates to the ecuation, power armor busting goodyness and long range light vehicle popping thrown in for good measure, man, these gunships can do no wrong!

Originally Posted by shasoshane
People carry weaponry just to blow that tank out of the air. Why don't you just waste all those anti-tank points that your opponent takes and just plain don't take a hammerhead.
So all their insta-kill weapons can be targeted to out more valuable and "Dont look at me! Look at him, he has a bigger gun" commanders?
Originally Posted by Dra'Tuisich-Novae
"I see. It appears you are insecure because your tank has a phallus several thousand times larger than your own..."
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