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I am on the 'LOOKOUT' (pun intended) for some XV25 Stealths.
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Default I am on the 'LOOKOUT' (pun intended) for some XV25 Stealths.

Hi Guyz,

I am after a big favour here; I want another three (3) of the new XV25 stealth suits so that I can make up a unit of six of them. ;D

I actually want the new ones because I like them more than the old XV15ís. I know a large amount of you said on a couple of the topics that you preferred the older xv15ís so was hoping that you would have some spare ones.

I will pay a good price ;D and all postage to a genuine seller. ;D ;D ;D Come on guys do a chap a good favour. ;D

Think about it. Ta!!!! 8) ;D
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Default Re: I am on the 'LOOKOUT' (pun intended) for some XV25 Stealths.

1. Easy on the smileys there, buddy.

2. Why can't you just order them yourself from the GW online store? A lot of us don't have them yet, anyway. And I'm fairly sure anyone who does have them, won't sell them.
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Default Re: I am on the 'LOOKOUT' (pun intended) for some XV25 Stealths.

And 3. This isn't the place to post up trading related threads. I don't know of anyone who has them at all. Infact, the only place to get them currently is the big army box is it not? So that goes back to 2. Most people don't have them, and those who do probably won't sell them.

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