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Speculation on Tau Weaponry by Fio'vre T'au Kais
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Default Speculation on Tau Weaponry by Fio'vre T'au Kais

Here we go! ;D

Name: Fio’vre T’au Kais

Date: 01/03/06

Subject: Tau Weaponry

<<Message Begins>>

There is much speculation on Tau weaponry by the human Imperium, and they are unaware that advances are being made all the time. So, we are compiling a list of the most effective weapons for use against the Imperium. I shall begin.

Pulse Weaponry: Including the Pulse Rifle, Pulse Carbine and Burst Cannon. These weapons are rather ineffective against heavily armoured vehicles, but excellent against most light enemy armour. These weapons should be mass produced for the Tau military, as they are essential against the numerous Imperial Guard. It must be noted that heavier weapons are best mounted on XV8 “Crisis” Battlesuits, as Fire Warriors need mobility in order to last long in a fire fight. Heavier Burst Cannons are an exception, however, and should be mounted on Battlesuits and Vehicles such as the Devilfish. All this weaponry is being imrpoved in the Earth Caste Labs.

XV8 “Crisis” Battlesuit Weaponry: This includes Burst Cannons, Plasma Rifles, Missile Pods and such weaponry mounted on an XV8 Battlesuit. Excepting Burst Cannons, these weapons are most useful when used against heavier targets and light to medium armoured vehicles. Here is a chart on what these weapons are effective against:

Burst Cannons: Light Infantry and Vehicles.
Plasma Rifles: Heavier Infantry (such as Space Marine Terminators), and Light to Medium armoured Vehicles.
Missile Pods: Light, medium and some heavy armoured vehicles.
Flamers: Very light infantry, hordes.
Fusion Blasters: Medium to Heavy Armoured Vehicles.

XV88 “Broadside” Battlesuit Weaponry: Broadside weaponry is best used against very heavily armoured vehicles, as they offer no protection against them. Railguns and smart missiles can be fired from a very long range, and smart missiles do not need line of sight. Broadsides may also be upgraded with plasma rifles, to further their role in tank killing and lessening the need of a markerlight.

Vehicle Mounted Weaponry: Railguns, Ion Cannons and Seeker missiles are best used against armoured vehicles and heavy infantry, as they offer nearly no protection aginst the ammunition. The new Skyray vehicle interests me, as it has been improved to include many more seekers, and is a valuable asset to the Tau Fire Caste as missile support.

Tau Wargear:

This is dealt with in sections: Fire Warrior Wargear, Battlesuit Wargear, and Vehicle Wargear.

Fire Warrior Wargear: Fire Warrior armour is being worked on to be able to take more impact from enemy weaponry. It is already effective at protecting the Fire Warrior from most weapons. It provides ample protection from kinetic weapons, fire, energy and splinter. It can withstand a number of hits before it degrades and becomes useless.

Battlesuit Wargear: Multi Trackers, Drone Controllers, Target Locks and Shield Generators are all currently in use by Battlesuit equipped warriors, and further upgrades are being made available. Shield Generators in particular are being worked on to rpovide a mmore powerful energy field, with the hitch that it drains more of the battlesuits energy.

Vehicle Wargear: Vehicle Wargear is often radically different from battlesuit wargear, and further improvements are being made. Gear such as the vehicle mounted multi tracker provides more stability when firing, and as such is often fitted to the backs of hammerheads.

As you can see, all of our gear is used to maximum effect by our brave warriors, and it is in speculation upon how much new technology we will pick up on new worlds, one that interests me now are the Vespid, an insect-like race of flying warriors, classified as “Stingwings”. They have a new technology not seen anywhere else before relying on projection of a burning crystal matter, which is particularly effective against Heavy Infantry armour. Further contact with this race should be established.

Also, the recent weaponry called the Rail Rifle is being worked on to absorb more impact from the weapon itself and increase damage. Other weaponry is being made currently, and are handheld versions of certain vehicle or battlesuit mounted weapons.

>>Message Ends<<

Was that useful to anyone? I posted it in The Enclave but it hasn't got many replies so I posted it here. Forgive me if it is in the wrong board.
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Default Re: Speculation on Tau Weaponry by Fio'vre T'au Kais

Interesting read

I spend a lot of my time on the tactics part of warhammer, but I really enjoy the fluffy side as well. It's just that I don't take the time to write any fluff myself, however I love reading a good piece of fluff.

You could do this even further, perhaps describing one unit in detail at a time? For example, fire warriors one week, crisis suits the next and so on and so forth. As soon as I get my own copy of the codex, I'll write some tacticas. Perhaps you'd like a short little fluff part on each of them to compliment? (PM me if you're interested)

anyway, good piece of work, enjoyed reading it.

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Default Re: Speculation on Tau Weaponry by Fio'vre T'au Kais

[shadow=red,left]Bringing my post swiftly to the top...[/shadow]
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Default Re: Speculation on Tau Weaponry by Fio'vre T'au Kais

Originally Posted by Fire Dragon
[shadow=red,left]Bringing my post swiftly to the top...[/shadow]
We don't do bumping here so don't do it again. If no one has replied it's their choice, that's the way it is...

Interesting read by the way.
Originally Posted by RJay
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GOT IT! That’s the one. Just sums RJay up perfectly!
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Default Re: Speculation on Tau Weaponry by Fio'vre T'au Kais

I found it interesting, but wholly unneccessary.
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Default Re: Speculation on Tau Weaponry by Fio'vre T'au Kais

the issue you may have with this post is its a lot like this:

When you drive, first you open the car door. Then they have this thing we call an ignition key, which is best used in the steering column, not the trunk, if you intend to go anywhere.

When driving, the wheel in front of you works as follows: left for left turns, right for right turns.

When you come to an intersection that has a light hanging over it, green means go, and red means stop.

(sorry for the smart-A reply, but yeah, what better way to say that everybody already knows all of this? And I was aiming for amusing, not being mean...)
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lonely tau
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Default Re: Speculation on Tau Weaponry by Fio'vre T'au Kais

that was actually quite amusing...he hahahahaha
any way i think this belongs in the fluff section or the "why cant i see through this white stuff on my paintball mask" obvious section
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