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Expanded Tau Glossary/Dictionary?
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Old 03 Mar 2006, 01:20   #1 (permalink)
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Default Expanded Tau Glossary/Dictionary?

Hey, those of you with the new 'Dex - did GW expand the glossary at all, or did they leave us with the original list of useless words? :

I ask because even though I have seen a few non-GeeDub sites with bigger Tau language glossaries, they are still lacking in common Tau-player words like:


...the list goes on... are those guys just making the words up, like GW did, or is there an "official list" somewhere that has a lot more words than Codex Tau has?
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Default Re: Expanded Tau Glossary/Dictionary?


It has quite the large tau dictionary.
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Default Re: Expanded Tau Glossary/Dictionary?

sorry, nothing official about that, but, I call HH cal'foiar and DF fioar, a pick and mix of several words.
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Default Re: Expanded Tau Glossary/Dictionary?

There's a handful of new words scattered through the codex, but that's it. In fact, the lexicon fluff piece is mostly gone.
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Default Re: Expanded Tau Glossary/Dictionary?

I still am trying to find 'Wild' and 'Blood' in the Tau language for the translation of my Commander :P
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Default Re: Expanded Tau Glossary/Dictionary?

I've check the link above, and neither of the words I'm after are listed (not that there is too much surprise).
Is there an unofficial list floating anywhere? A fansite based one for example.

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Default Re: Expanded Tau Glossary/Dictionary?

We have our own here.. http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=1709.0
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