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The Unexpected (Battle Rep)
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Default The Unexpected (Battle Rep)

Shas’O Rech’Ar had spent two weeks attempted to track down the forces of Nurgle who had so nearly eliminated his entire Cadre. His men where weary, morale was low, and supplies where running out….but he would not stop.

Latest reports indicated an identification of strange beings upon the fourth planet, High command had ordered Rech’Ar to investigate, but he would go anyway, these demons must be culled.


Rech’Ar had ordered his scouts to push well ahead of the main army, what little kroot remained had been combing the western flank, with a detachment of stealth’s doing the same upon the right. The bulk of his force had stayed back, wary from the experience he had received before at the hands of the great unclean one. A team of Two Burning Eye Crisis supporting his second in command, with a deathrain monat working independently. Railgun mounted hammerhead working up the left flank behind the Kroot upon a hill to maximize Line of Sight, a Broadside monat supported by a small detachment of Firewarriors in the centre, just behind his main Firewarrior base who he was sure would pummel any on comers. Another hammerhead with Ioncannon covered the right flank and finally he had ordered the use of Two squadrons of Gun Drones that would act as support where needed.
His mind fell back to the previous encounter. They struck with such ferocity and speed seemingly out of nowhere that his forces had been overwhelmed in minutes, Firewarriors fell, bodies blooding and torn. Crisis suits exploded in quick succession….even the formidable Hammerheads had been destroyed. His deployment was causious, expecting the worst….but he received something completely different.

A sharp Yell echo’d out over the intercom, it was the Shas’vre of the Stealth team, he reported something that both horrified, and disappointed Rech’Ar….these where not Nurgle, but something else…something even more terrifying, they where Necrons.

First Moves.

Luckily his Cadre was well prepared for Necrons, their weapon load outs would cause as much problems as they would against Nurgles forces, so Rech’Ar decided for the Empire he would make a stand, rather than pulling out.
His scouts reported two large squads of Warriors occupying the centre of the battlefield, along side a tomb spider, heavy destroyer and sketchy reports of Wraiths. The left flank contained Destroyers and scarab swarms along that greatly outnumbered his Kroot, which caused him a major worry. The right flank was holding the Necron lord and another sizeable Necron Warrior unit, with more scarabs and tomb spiders.
Signalling the Attack his units rushed forwards. Stealth suits Jumping out of the deep Forest cover that virtually engulfed the right flank. A hail of Burst Cannon fire echoed out as they took aim at the spider, its body shattering and exploding under the onslaught, then with the same ghost like gait, the stealth team withdrew, leaving nothing but a wisp of smoke and bullet shells. The scarabs where not fooled however, and chased down the Stealth’s, tracking them with some un-natural ability that brought them virtually underfoot….yet they had expanded too much energy, and failed to make the killing blow.
His second in command had taken the Burning Eye Units close to the centre of the field, gaining the slimmest Line of Sight through the Terrain, The Plasma worked perfectly, haunting lines of blue streaking out of the Trees to smash into the Necron horde, quickly followed by the slower yet just as Deadly missiles that arced over, impacting squarely on another of the Tomb Spyders, which like its brother before was ripped apart in the explosion.
The battle was going well, Drones on each flank moved forward, the left flank managing to damage one of the destroyers that dominated the hill before having two of their number struck down by the return fire. The Ionhead roared as its main cannon fired, Taking out another Destroyer….his men had started to feel the thrill of victory, and nothing would stop them.


The Mobility of his Forces Astonished Even Rech’Ar, sweeping forwards to engulf the Necron on all sides, now half the field was completely under his control.
Swarms of Scarabs poured forth on each flank, to the left they where suddenly pounced on by waiting Kroot, who’s claws, beaks and deadly rifles coupled with thier amazing agility saw the pests smashed to pieces easily.
The Right Flanks Scarabs met a similar fate, this time at the hands of the Stealth Team. Their meagre frames no defence against the torrent of bullets that consumed them.
In the heat of the battle Rech’Ar had been taken by surprise, the Wraiths had appeared out of nowhere, directly in front of him….only his lightening reflexes and those of his Firewarrior Team behind saved him, waiting for the exact moment they where vulnerable and firing to save their commander, to great effect.
With His senses heightened he noticed the Necron lord, a darkness overcoming him. Fearing he would flee and take his forces with him he steadied his aim, Fusion blaster striking out with a vengeance but as it hit, a blinding flash of light consumed the Necrons, who simply Vanished.
The same Flash came again, this time from his left….right on top of his Gundrones….the thunderous sounds of explosions echoed out, a shower of shattered necron parts falling around his Gun Drones. He could only guess his Fusion had interfered with the Lords teleportation device, no matter…The Necron forces where shattered without their leader, and the Tau Noose was Tightening around them.


With The Combined forces of Rech’Ar and his Cadre encircling the remaining Two warrior squads they fell time and time again under the hail of Missiles, Railgun shots and Plasma Rifles. Even the Kroot had joined in, smashing into the Left most squad of Necrons, cutting many down.
With the final rumble of His fusion blaster another of the Necron fell, body melted into a disgusting pile. The remaining Necron suddenly Vanished, not a single piece remained….the Battle had been won!
Wins: 46
Losses: 6
Draws: 4

"Just as the chaotic nature of these aliens is anathema to we of the Empire, so it is that the Tau'va is abhorent to them. They have no capacity to accept such glory and should be kulled so the Empires efforts may be spent in a more productive manner." attributed - Shas'O Rech'Ar
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Default Re: The Unexpected (Battle Rep)

1500pt game.

Really was a Slaughter, all thanks to the Lord vieling himself right ontop of a gundrone squad taking him and twenty warriors out of the game.

The burning Eyes really cut into the Necrons with their low AP, mirrored by the stealths who managed to cause major trouble before sucumbing to Gauss fire and suffering 5 kills.

Only lost 2 Drones, 5 Stealths, and 10 kroot, compared to all but 10 or so warriors on his side. (Granted he was inexperienced, without a monolith....but i didn't expect such a crushing victory).
Wins: 46
Losses: 6
Draws: 4

"Just as the chaotic nature of these aliens is anathema to we of the Empire, so it is that the Tau'va is abhorent to them. They have no capacity to accept such glory and should be kulled so the Empires efforts may be spent in a more productive manner." attributed - Shas'O Rech'Ar
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Default Re: The Unexpected (Battle Rep)

Nice job on the battle and report. However(I say this to anyone posting a battle report) I continue to say [glow=red,2,300]try to add pictures [/glow]:.It really does help even if they are blurry! Webcams would even would as long as you distinguish what is what.
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Default Re: The Unexpected (Battle Rep)

i liked it especially the way you have done it, in story form and man, i wish i would have that much luck against necrons.
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Default Re: The Unexpected (Battle Rep)

good battle report, Tau never beat 'crons where I'm from.
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