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Default Trending Static

I know how the big deal is Mech Tau, but I've begun moving toward the static end of the hybrid spectrum. I'm also thinking with the new codex options this will become even more of a trend amongst others as well.

here is why: Broadsides will no longer be sitting ducks to lascannons. Slow and purposeful will take them from behind hill top on turn 1 to hilltop and shooting. Drones also proving ablative armor for the Broadsides are also a plus.

All of this means that Broadsides will now be a force equal or surpassing the railhead in game effect. While skimming to get glancing hits is good, letting drones die in your place for 2 turns would be better. TL also helps ensure hits for the railgun, so whiffing is less of an occurance.

Another static bonus is the etherials will now have a rage effect rather than a "run home to mommy" effect if killed. This means that FW will at least have a chance of benefiting from leadership like so many other races already do.

Yet another static bonus is the pirranah. What you say? Those are mech. Well no they are just skimmers, but even static have movement elements. This vehicle's primary role for a static force is one of flanking cavalry. Static Fw lines by their nature are not going to get more than 18" or so from their starting position if any movement at all, so static still need a fast unit that can both chase retreating enemies and act as vice arm in isolating enemy units for destruction. The fact that it can detach free drones to act as screen from CC infantry is just a bonus that keeps it alive it it's role of cavalry.

IMO the days of the all mech force are all but over. With the new codex, scoring rather than preserving will once again become the priority for Tau.

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Default Re: Trending Static

Good points Wanax

I have always wanted the Tau list to be able to do like so many others can: choose your style of play. You really hit the spot here I think, and I hope we will be seeing 3 different, equally competitive types of Tau Empire armies: Static, Hybrid and Mech.

It allows one to choose one's way of approach, not being bound to play MechTau in order to have a competitive army

I also believe the vespid are a great addition- to static as well. A small unit or 2 will surely provide some dangerous elements if those MEQ's move in close.

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Default Re: Trending Static

Indeed, it seems to be a growing consensus that Mech tau didn't really gain all that much from the codex change, but static Tau gained a whole lot.
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Default Re: Trending Static

I just purchased my third Broadside. This is only due to the upcoming codex. I played and loved my broadsides as a static player... the sheer intimidation alone was worth putting them on the table. But they were a prime target and major point loss as they often died. When 4th edition broke the drones i was forced to put the broadsides on the bench and go mech tau. Now, with ASS, and the ablative shield drones i will happily dust off my broadsides and field them on turn 1 out of LOS soon to be advanced to LOS.

I look forward to seeing more tank explosions and instakills all from 267pts on broadside badness, beware necrons! BEWARE!


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Default Re: Trending Static

iŽm not so sure about this static trend. we just donŽt have the heavy weapons and the numbers that IG has.

though i totally agree with the fact that broadsides are a lot better now i still see firewarriors as an offensive units that disembarks and rapid fires FoF style.

neverless the added flexibility would be great though i tend to think weŽll be seeing a more hybrid approach.
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Default Re: Trending Static

Are the shield drones truely ablative at this point? Meaning I don't have to make a Ld check when I lose them?
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Default Re: Trending Static

i have considerd doing a static army but prefer the idea of mch still
Originally Posted by Yaifrog
Hooray! We've corrupted Hadhfang ;D
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Default Re: Trending Static

Not just static, Hybrid, or Mech. You will now also have deepstrike suit heavy armies, with hybrids of the other 3 (The shield drone rules with the deepstrike beacon made these lists viable), or even kroot heavy armies. You will also have Marker heavy, Marker light, as variants of any of the list. Tau are now extremely flexible, with many many decent builds available.

There will no longer be any one "optimum" choice. The days of cookie cutter tau builds are over! Instead, we have many viable builds with strengths and weaknesses, just like any other army.
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Default Re: Trending Static

The static trend will be coming.
May I remind you of the three, three man (or drone I should say) team that comes for only one heavy slot.
The new sniper drones will help out with their S7 AP3 pinning shots with the markerlighting spoter. this means that there will be about 9 S7 AP3 pinning shots coming from that unit.

Very effective if you use those markerlight hits to dock off some leadership on units. ;D

Also static really means that the majority of the units move 6 inches each turn not 12. The Tau player in question now can use some Vespid (probably should start calling them by their real name: Stingwings) as an anti-charge unit.

If some assult marines get, lets say within 10 inches from your line last turn. Youre static Tau can only move 6inches a turn and now if they turn around and move a full six inches you're still in range of a charge by the marines. You can use those stingwings and foot sloging kroot to break you out of that jam. Switch the places of the kroot/stingwings with the FW's. now have the vespids shoot the AP3 guns and the FW rapid fire while running away. Then if there is any left charge and you stingwings will get first go with I5 andif you have and hounds that an extra 3 I5 hits per turn.

That was only one example of the usefullness of the 12 inchers in a static list. Even in the WD about Tau there were two units that can move 12 inches in a turn, the Shas'el and the gundrones.


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Default Re: Trending Static

If you ask me, the codex only really changes the battlesuits. Nothing else. Sure, we get 2 new vehicles. But with ASS and Special Issue and such, the battlesuits become much more deadly. I think players are going to lean on the Hybrid side more than the purist Mech or Static.
Originally Posted by Wargamer
Aha, a brilliant point Impulse!
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