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[BatRep] Iron Warriors Meet the Kroot (3rd installment)
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Default [BatRep] Iron Warriors Meet the Kroot (3rd installment)

After my second game against Orks, I knew I was no longer in the running for the title, so I relaxed a little in order to enjoy my last game. Maybe shoot a few SM, have at some eldar... Something fun. Then they announced: Iron Warriors. What the heck is that I pondered? I was soon to find out the meaning of Obliterators.

I ask my opponant, and he told me they were chaos. OK, I'm used to fighting evil like Khorne and Word Bearers, but after he plops down his 3 Heavy weapons selection I begin to see a different sort of Chaos. Then come these ugly terminators, 3 sets of 2 each; then a large spider looking thing like the giant one from Doom, and I realize this will be different.

His list as I recall, forgive I don't know the names exactly:
Large winged Deamon
Demon Prince on a bike

3x2 obliterators

Large spider with battlecannon
Vindicator with much evil looking armor
Devistator squad of 8 with 4 lascannons

4 x5 man Squads of CSM each with lascannon
1 x5 man assault weapon armed CSM squad in rhino

The table:

Weird terrain like either from a large fishtank or a truely chaos world. Patches are woods and very strangley shaped spurs of rock jutting up from the ground (not unlike grand canion spires).

We deploy.

On my left I have a large wood with 1 squad of FW in it. Behind the wood are 3 crisis, both HH. In the centerleft I have 1 squad of fW on a rock spire and stealth behind them. In central right it is open with nothing but the two BS far far back in deployment zone. On far right another FW squad and a crisis hunkered behind a spire. Behind this is my DF with 10 FW onboard. in the central sector I've infiltrated the kroot onto a low rock formation on the left center and in a wood 6.5" deep on the right.

From my left he has: Deamon hiding behind a wood, rhino between wood and rock formation, a shooty CSM sqd next to the rocks, 2 obliterators, the devistator sqd, 3 CSM sqds in and around the devistator, 2 more obliterators, the vindicator, the giant spider far right behind a rock spire, and 2 obliterators. The biker prince is in terrain exactly 12" from my infiltrated kroot on the right.

I go first, and this was the last possitive dice roll for a long time. I start with the obligatory skimmer movement over 6" for all, and the JSJ of the crisis and stealth. Everyone else is out of sight or range save the FW in the woods to my left. I shoot the vindicator with the railhead, shaken, but the tank shrugs it off like some evil thing. Ionhead blows up the rhino and kills 1 CSM others are entangled. BS, crisis all score hits but he rolls all saves and invulnerable saves perfectly. The right mob of kroot rapid fire and give the prince a single wound. Not the start I wanted.

Then, like his savings throws, he starts shooting like...well...a demon. First the giant spider kills 2 FW in left center and pins them. His devistator sqd takes down the railhead with a glancing 6. Great. All the other lascannons stun, disarm, then immobilize the ionhead. His obliterators move forward as does the vindicator, which parks right next to the kroot's rock (talk about an insult to the kroot :P). The prince on the bike turboboosts into my rear.

Turn 2: one drone sqadron DS in behind the vindicator and kills it outright, yeah! Go drones! On the right the FW squad and crisis all at rapid fire barely kill the prince since he is still rolling saves like crazy. Even the BC from the DF didn't help. Both BS shoot individual CSM as no other target is available. The kroot in the center shoot at central obliterators to no effect.
A single CSM dies on the left. In the first 2 turns he rolled some 20 saves!!!

His turn 2: spider misses. obliterators trudge forward shooting at kroot, in center killing 2. On my right they shoot down the DF at extreme range and 8 FW die getting out! OUCH... On my left the FW in woods are whittled down to 5 men. 2 more kroot in center die and then pass their test. Drones are ignored for some reason.

Turn 3: I move all FW out of harms way and hunker down letting the crisis work. The stealth are moving to center right to counter obliterators but have a ways to go since I forgot to assault move them in turn 2. Again, he is rolling saves 4 to 1. For every CSM I kill 4 survive, and I keep wasting shots on the obliterators instead of going for the devistators who can cover most of the board. The central kroot continue to plink at the central obliterators, but needing 5 to wound means 1 wound per turn. On the right the kroot manage a single wound on the obliterators, but they are essentially ignored by the enemy for the rest of the game...Too bad for them The drones move back and prove effective in killing a CSM. He now has a unit down to 1 put passes last man standing...of course.

His turn 3: 2 more FW die from indirect spider shooting,
and the obliterators on the right gun down 3 more on that squad. I pass my leadership. Other units begin to move forward including his left obliterator group which up till now only managed 2 or 3" per turn.

Turn4: Critical mass approaches. He has no targets other than for the obliterators and their insane assortment of weapons. Bright spot is that he moved his demon out of hiding to slink towards my left pair of HQ crisis, but the BS finally score a resounding hit and kill him outright. YEah! Otherwise, dismal results due mainly to his finaminal savings throws. I did manage to get a second wound on the righthand pair thus killing 1. Stealth still not in position so that forgotten 6" is about to bite me hard.

He central pair of obliterators walk past the kroot outpost (rapid firing to no effect entire time) and with lascannons burn down both BS in one go. I have Sgenerators, so I roll my invulnerable saves....1 and a 2. Both burned to the shoelaces. On the left the pair manage to get some heavy bolter shots into my central left FW team and kill another 1, that makes 2 squad now at 50% and 1 below. On the right he only gets 1 hit killing another Fw. Spider whiffs. The drones are vaporized by the devistators who have nothing else to shoot.

Turn 5: A turn of luck, but only slightly. I JSJ the crisis into rapid fire range of the obliterators and with the help of the right side kroot gun down the remaining obliterator. In the central sector the kroot take down another one and the stealth finish off the other. The other drones come in and shoot up a CSM to carry another unit below 50%.

His turn 5 has him blowing away the second drone sqd with no saves, killing a final kroot. and nothing else. He tries to shoot the stealth with the lefthand obliterators but can't see them.

Turn 6: I'm hiding everyone except the stealth. So the stealth jump behind cover. I know he can't do anything except fire indirectly now, so I'll take that chance. I figure it is a tie or slight loss to me.

His turn 6 is nothing but a whiff by the spider.

Game over: points tally puts us both around 1100pts killed (scenario awarded double points for one enemy unit--turned out to be vindicator and railhead). I edged him with 1258 or so to his 1058 or so. I get an extra vp for killing his HQs. I win marginal victory.

Another nailbiter! I wanted relaxation but got total anxiety. Between his savings throws and my entire skimmer force dieing, I thought I was done for. And I would have been if he had moved forward from the beginning instead of trying to shoot it out with me. Kudos to the kroot who survived their first game and killed a superior beast--even if it did take all game to do it. And don't forget the lowly drones who garnered the most points of the game taking out the vindicator. You just never know what is going to happen, never.

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Default Re: [BatRep] Iron Warriors Meet the Kroot (3rd installment)

Nice job, Wanax! Iron Warriors are never easy for us. +1.
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Default Re: [BatRep] Iron Warriors Meet the Kroot (3rd installment)

Man that ironwarriors guy is a dirty motherf***r! I hate army lists like that, but the 1 advantage that they do have is that its relatively easy to get victory points since their stuff is so pricey.

Well done on the win, i cant wait to start slapping around some iron warriors of my own. (say hello to plasma and fusion ladies!)
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Default Re: [BatRep] Iron Warriors Meet the Kroot (3rd installment)

nice battle report. o btw i think that spider thing is called a defiler. I call my friends " the crab "
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Default Re: [BatRep] Iron Warriors Meet the Kroot (3rd installment)

great game! pretty clear battle rep too. I would have given that guy a bad list composition score. he totally min/max-ed it! I mean, come on. 6 obliterators and minimum troops? Squads of 5? Who does that?! plus a vindicator AND defiler AND Deamon price...with WINGS?! .... i get the willies just thinking about it. I'm proud to see you held the line so well, especially with the static force you have. Good Job!
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Default Re: [BatRep] Iron Warriors Meet the Kroot (3rd installment)

your lucky wanax, that battle cannon could of done SO much more damage. he could of just blew away your Fw's in foul swoop.
"...And in that time of darkness, man became beast and beast became man."

"Horn and hoof, power is there. Not feeble smoothskin, clumsy greenskin, wicked elf-swine. Gor is strong, Gor is true. Gor shall kill all, slay all for the gods!"

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Default Re: [BatRep] Iron Warriors Meet the Kroot (3rd installment)

nice battle report wanax! my friend plays chaos space marines, and ive taken a look at his daemon-like huge monstrous creature- like obliterators, to fight one in a game must tak a lot of courage and skill

i hope u had fun in your tournament, great battle reports, hope to see more from u =)

happy reader,

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Default Re: [BatRep] Iron Warriors Meet the Kroot (3rd installment)

Thanks all glad you enjoyed the tale as much as I enjoyed the event.

Yes defiler that is what he called it. I just tried to pretend it wasn't there


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Default Re: [BatRep] Iron Warriors Meet the Kroot (3rd installment)

Nice BR but to be honest: that is not a min-maxed IW army and some choices are rather stupid. First he has only uses 3 of 4 possible heavy-sup. slots. Second he did use CSM squads of five instead of 6 with lc and plasma. Lascannons on havocs are rather stupid, especially when he just got up to 11 lc from his oblis and csm-squads. And a winged deamon prince? I would be lucky if someone would field this in germany. Here they go for a prince with d.speed and infiltration, which could mean cc for him in round one.

So in my eyes you got lucky. It was a hard list but not the maximum of IW-meaness and for someone not knowing IW you did very well.
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