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Smart Railgun tactic...
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Default Smart Railgun tactic...

Hello everyone...

Although I don't have my ordered Codex yet, my mind keeps making plans... That is why I have a tactic to propose... (sorry if anyone else came first with this but I haven't read it yet)

The tactic involves all our Heavy Support choises, which should consist of 1 Skyray and 2 Railheads. (or 1 Raihead and 1 Ionhead although I would not advice it).

This configuration can give us the following advantages:
(a) You can have a great first turn havoc by utilizing the Skyray. 6-8 Str 8 Ap3 shots that hit on 2+ (providing that at least one of Skyray's markerlights will hit) will make short work of a lot of potential "troubles"
(b) The Skyray will be able to Support the Railheads for the rest of the game with it's 2 markerlights, shooting to the 2 targets your Rails will shoot. Thus the Rails will hit 2 out of 3 times with BS5 (meaning 83.33% chance to hit).
(c) A FW or PF leader with Target lock and Markerlight could help also in order to cover for the moments the Skyray doesn't hit both targets. This ofcourse is optional.

The side benefits of this tactic is basically that:
- the PF can shoot other targets, helping other important units.
- You have two mobile Markerlights (BS 4) that can follow closely your railheads.
- The Skyray should be closer to the enemy (to cover for the difference between Railgun's range and Markerlight's range) thus anybody that wants to shoot your Railheads should pass a Ld check.
- Even if you loose your Skyray you probably have "made good work of its points" just from the 1st round of combat.

Also I like this tactic (in the two games I used it) because of the cool formation you can make, with the Skyray infront and the Railheads following, sweeping the battlefield... ;D

Hope I helped...
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