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CIB special rules?
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Default CIB special rules?

too all who have the codex:

is there a special rule for the CIB, such as changed AP when hitting on a certain roll? i saw something like that in the white dwarf but i do not quite remember and i' m afraid, now that i can read the codex myself and have to acknowledge that they didnt include such thing that the german codex has a small error in printing.

thanks so much.
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Default Re: CIB special rules?

Believe on a roll of 6 its counted as AP1 rather than its standard AP...but i don't have the codex, and won't for another month! :'(
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Default Re: CIB special rules?

think eldar rangers, and you've got it.
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Default Re: CIB special rules?

It's rules aren't there? If it is a misprint, try e-mailing GW. We have to be a little more subtle about describing rules.

Reference: http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=19026.0

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