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Wargear: Second most underrated Tau Weapon.
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Default Wargear: Second most underrated Tau Weapon.

Due to the response I got for my last Wargear segment,

Drum roll here,


Well we all love the Rifle, but what it's little brother, the Carbine.

Let's start with a break down.

Carbine are actually more effective than rifles out side 12" becasue the can move! And pin! And Move!
In Cityfight (I do play it alot, so I base much of my analyse on it) that is needed, becasue you can advance in fireing then move back, and if that want to assault or rapid fire, they cannon becasue you move back, and they arnt in range. This can really annoy players, becasue they feel like they are going to charge you, then you move back out of range!

He he he, I love mind games!

The second use for carbines is pinning. 3Ml hits and Space marines will be testing on LD5! now whats not to love about that!

3 use, shooting EMP squad.

Move and shoot with carbines, at anything, then with in 12" shoot again, then charge the ol' tanky and EMP the [negitive karma word] into oblivion! HAHAHA

4 use,
CHARGE! Whay not! It give YOU the advantage of +1 attack! And we hit some races on +4, and 3 turns of Pulse fire can really whittle some one down!

Evil little Blue People Indeed.

I call the these tactics, ELBP!

The Mothman
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Default Re: Wargear: Second most underrated Tau Weapon.

With the loss of the LD4 rule, I think drones are a lot better at delivering carbine pain to the enemy. You can now take whatever size squad you want without worrying about LD4.

FWs have some advantages over drones. I think the main ones are larger squad size, higher possible LD, possible bonding, possible benifit from an ethereal. But they also have a severe disadvantage. Once you fire at an enemy squad with carbines, they can advance and rapid fire you. Fire Warriors generally don't enjoy taking that kind of punishment.

Still, if you find yourself strapped for fast attack slots or hate drones, it's a viable alternative for an emergency pinning squad. Of course there are probably lots of other uses. We'll find out when we play with them, right?
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Default Re: Wargear: Second most underrated Tau Weapon.

Carbines on drones = fun.
Carbines on fw's = you're guaranteed in rapid fire range next turn
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Default Re: Wargear: Second most underrated Tau Weapon.

Even with the fire warriors impressive 4+ save,second best for basic troops
Carapace armor and rapid firing enemys are not good things put together

just like oil and water
mexican jumping beans and microwaves
ketchup and penut butter

you get the picture


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Default Re: Wargear: Second most underrated Tau Weapon.

Mothman, I agree that the new Markerlight rules will make enemy units more vulnerable to pinning. That being said, it will take an average of 4.5 Carbine hits to cause a single Marine casualty. That's 9 FW shots or 8 Gun Drone shots. In addition, you talk about Marines with Ld8. Many shooty-heavy marine lists run a LD10 commander, so even when you take 3 off their LD, they're still testing at a 7.

As good as it sounds on paper, you're asking for 6 Pathfinders (who haven't moved and have LOS) and 9 FW or 8 Gun Drones with LOS, and you're asking for him not to have a LD10 commander. Using only those units, you still only have a 70% chance of pinning him. And if he has a commander (and any decent SM player will, unless he's dropping 2 Librarian termies with Command Squads and 2 Asscans each, in which case your entire army will disappear from Fear anyway), then you're down to a 42% chance of pinning him.

That's still a gross misallocation of resources in my book.
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