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How to fight Eldar.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default How to fight Eldar.

hi i am still new to 40K and my first major battle is against a eldar army baset on swooping hawks any advice/help would be great
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: how to fight eldar

The swooping hawks are as easy to kill as firewarriors. They cannot Jump-Shoot-Jump (JSJ) so if they can shoot you, you can shoot them. Pulse rifles, burst cannon, missile pods and railgun submunitions are your best bet for dealing with them.

Be warned though, their exarchs (squad leaders) can be vicious in close combat (CC). The basic hawks aren't CC oriented though so if you see a small unit heading straight at your lines send some fire their way.

The eldar in general will have more mobility than you so you need to find ways of dealing with this. My two methods would be a mobile section of crisis suits/hammerheads to respond to threats and deploying with mutually supporting elements. The latter meaning set up so if any one section comes under threat the rest of your army can lend a hand.
Target priority is key and top of my list is fast assaulty units, make sure these die first. Then decide what will hurt you most and eliminate it; sometimes this will be a slower assault unit, sometimes some heavy fire support. Just make a descision and stick to it.

Hardly infallible tactical advice I'll grant you, but I hope it helps.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: how to fight eldar

thanks mate i will put that info to good use

again thanks
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: how to fight eldar

The problem is that few people really run Hawks, and if they do, they're just an exarch delivery system. At that, they're only average. As an Eldar player, what's my advice? Stay out of range. You should use your amazing range to your advantage. You'll probably see lots of Falcons. Minimize the damage they can do by keeping your guys out of range and in cover. Falcons don't really get nasty until they get to 36", and they really let loose once they get to 24." Make sure to stay back, keep in cover, and just generally avoid them. Serpents should be shot out of the sky like the dogs that they are. 1/3 of glancing hits will destroy them, and after they drop, the aspect warriors within will just die.

In the larger sense, what you must remember about Eldar is that their best guns have a 36" range. Bright Lance? 36". Starcannon? 36". Anything else? Not really worth taking. Wraithlords are nasty, as they always have been, but at least Tau can wound them, unlike Marines. Regardless, don't waste your Railgun shots on Wraithlords or Falcons if he has Serpents, which are slightly heavier than Rhinos but just as lethal to their passengers. As far as seer councils are concerned, massed Pulse Rifle fire is just what the doctor ordered. Lots of low-med strength shots are the only way to whittle down the Seer Council. And stay out of range, damnit! Tau have the best range in the game. Just stay back. Hammerheads should spend the entire game on your board edge. Stealth suits must be used with caution, because the highly mobile Eldar have a nasty habit of finding their way into LOS, but if you stay away from the Falcons and focus on troops, you'll be fine. Infiltrating scorpions should be target priority number 1, because they'll just put you in a world of hurt. Dcannons shouldn't be a problem, because you wont' be moving towards him. Vypers, and you'll be sure to see plenty of them, drop to pretty much anything in your arsenel. And with the 30" range on pulse rifles, it will take a good guess-ranger to keep his Vyper at 30+" but within 36" to unload his ubiquitous Starcannon shots. If he takes CTMs on his Vypers, just get out of his LOS if possible.

If he takes Shining Spears, Dire Avengers, Guardian Jetbikes, or the Fire Prism, thank your Maker that he's a fool.
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Default Re: How to fight Eldar.

when dealing with eldar falcons, you have 2 options. You either ignore them, or focus evything you've got on them. Use the power of missile pods against them, as they ae the best weapon to be used against them. Falcons with holofields and spirit stones will not be dying anytime soon. Potshots do better against a wraithlord. the hawks go down quick against submunitions. Just don't shhot railguns at his tanks. Falcons have holofields and against wave serpents, railguns are at str 8! missile pods are god against eldar. take as many as you can. And watch for scorpions.
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