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Does anyone else hate this?
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Old 28 Feb 2006, 18:59   #1 (permalink)
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Default Does anyone else hate this?

On some of the firewarriors i was puttin together the other day, i noticed on some of the armor on the legs it was i believe, that the armor plating lines were missing some shape to them, like the mold for the sprue or however they make them forgot the lines in some of the armor? I know this was kind of hard to understand, i wasnt sure exactly how to explain it, but i think some of you know what i mean, an i was wondering if any of you found a way to carve the lines back into their armor, or just painted over it?
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Default Re: Does anyone else hate this?

You wont notice once you get em all together. I spend on anverage about 2-6 hours per firewarrior I paint. After extreme detailing, I barely noticed :/
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Default Re: Does anyone else hate this?

Yea my average firewarrior takes about 3.5-4hours an i was thinking, if im spending this much time on them, an once you look at them an see this, was it really worth all the work, or should i go back an try to fix it. But i think your right, once theyre done its not that noticable.
BUT i would like to point out for me spending my hard earned 35 bucks on 12 little tiny plastic troops an 2 drones...COME ON GW...step your game up! your getting SOOO expensive! lol just me ranting
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Default Re: Does anyone else hate this?

Painted up, plastic mould errors aren't apparant one bit if you just scrape at them a bit.
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Default Re: Does anyone else hate this?

Try second hand fire warriors then you'll stop complainin'. Mine are horrible in any possible way you can imagine.
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Default Re: Does anyone else hate this?

Its not a moulding error, thats how they are produced....just crappy work on GW's part.

You've got dozens to paint in an army, and they are so small its barely noticable so don't worry about it...unless you are going for some painting competition.

The XV8 Jetpack section is bent around too, needing to be bent back into shape before gluing, otherwise you have to cram the gap with green stuff.

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Default Re: Does anyone else hate this?

yeah, i have all the same problems. the armor plates on the FW legs are horrendous. i just try not to use those particular legs unless i really have to. and the jet packs for the crisis suits are bad too! I had to cram mine with green stuff to fill the gaps, and its STILL noticable...GW really DOES have to step up their game if they want me to continue buying thier ridiculous plastic soldiers...35 bucks...some quality product...
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Default Re: Does anyone else hate this?

I can note that as well, try to make them deeper with a hobby knife or something, the problem is the original sculpture itself (plus deteriorated molds), i belive, see the crouched ones, they have an absurde low detail on the legs, cuse of the hard level of modeling at that pose with full detail
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