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[BatRep] Red Sun Orks ride bikes (2nd installment)
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Default [BatRep] Red Sun Orks ride bikes (2nd installment)

My second game of the tournament was against Red Sun/Savage Sun..something or other orks. Now I'm used to fighting speed freaks, but these were more powerful and dare I say faster.

the table was littered with smallish forest and level 2 wall. Not much else.

His army consisted of 2 large units of warbikes (10 each IIRC) a bazilisk, a wartruk full of dudes, two smaller wagons full of dudes, and some rocket pack dudes.

I deployed in depth with kroot to the front, FW behind walls after that and everyone else in a third line in hopes of counter acting his insane charge. The one thing I forgot about orks is that they repair stuff on the table

I get first go on first turn, so I promptly shoot up the bazilisk with a BS, submunitions one unit of bikes and crisis suit as many bikes as possible. Grinning cause I know Orks can't pass leadership tests, I then find out his are immune to these tests......Whaaa! :

OK, so his turn he runs forward with everything. Bikes move between kroot gaps and shoot up FW behind walls. small wagons dismount orks who charge kroot in cover for CC. Wartruk lurches forward. jumppack guys fly 24" to also hit kroot but 3 die impacting wall. Anyway on the right, kroot kill more orks than return, but orks don't care and CC continues locked. On the left the kroot are facing 2 ork units and all but 2 die. The two run away fast and orks can't catch them. Already, not good. Bikes shoot very heavy and well killing 5 FW on my right redoubt.

Turn 2, I'm truely in crisis mode since he is in my second line before the second turn. In true Tau fashion, I start shooting. On the right, my FW regroup move up to rapid fire along with one BS and a crisis and kill off the remaining bikes on that side. In the center all but 3 bikes are destroyed, and there is nothing to do for the kroot so I hope for good CC rolls which I don't get. The 2 fleeing kroot stop to take a shot and kill another jump pack ork (good kroot ... No where to jump and nothing much to do, I do immobilize the wartruk in his backfield. DS drones do not come in... He finishes off the kroot and consolidates toward my right center.

His turn, on come the remaining bikes, all the foot orks, and the jump packers jump into CC with my left FW unit behind a wall. Going first didn't help much, as I killed 1 and he killed the squad. They consolidate into my lines with nothing left on that flank but a DF full of troops. His 3 bikes (2 and 1 warboss) crash into a crisis suit and take it down consolidating into a BS--folks he is in my rear area 2" from table edge.

Turn 3, I am rapidly loosing entire army. I FoF and shoot the jump packers into >50%, but they don't care. The BS survives a round of CC with the warboss, but their aint much table left for the crisis to JSJ around on. My center FW unit manages to kill not a single ork in shooting! This is a bad bad thing.

The orks take down my railhead from TL rocket launchers on truks, and wartruk zapguns my ion gun off. The center FW unit in trees entered CC when orks charged in and managed to lock the combat. The FW from DF are killed off my two remnant ork units on the left.

Turn 4, HQ shoots repaired wartruk immobilized again! Crisis remnants are now in CC with left most ork unit, BS falls to warboss who consolidates into a crisis. DF tankshocks orks on left but they refuse to play so just move aside. Remnant FW on my right charge orks in CCwith my other HQ along with other BS (just trying to get away from warboss). CC VICTORY! orks destroyed on right. 2 remaining FW in center regroup and shoot a small wartruk immobilized. Victory again, but it is too little too late. Bright spot is drones both come in finally and DS into empty table quarter on his side.

His turn, warboss takes down other BS, and orks managed to shoot 1 drone. Game over.

Minor loss to me since the drones came in and secured a quarter. 1 Tau, 2 Ork, and 1 contested quarters. We totaled up points to see how it actually went. Suprizingly He killed 1200pts, while I killed nearly 1400. Yet he won :P

Another excellent game

Next installment: Iron Warrior meet the kroot!
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Default Re: [BatRep] Red Sun Orks ride bikes (2nd installment)

How is it they ignore morale?
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Default Re: [BatRep] Red Sun Orks ride bikes (2nd installment)

Originally Posted by Savient
How is it they ignore morale?
They ignore losses and are focused on getting into fighting.

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Default Re: [BatRep] Red Sun Orks ride bikes (2nd installment)

i dont believe i have ever heard of them ignoring morale and i have the codex i'll have to look.
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Default Re: [BatRep] Red Sun Orks ride bikes (2nd installment)


I'm a bit dubious about the ignore morale tests as well, not to mention the jump packers going 24". I'll try to have a check of my the speed freak codex later..

However my hat is off to you Wanax, you played very well, never gave up and always keep going. I always like those games where the oppoenent gets in combat with the Tau, all the watchers write the Tau off, and you think "he's probably won but I'm going to make him pay for every inch he gets accross the board". Your stubboness to roll over gave you a very respectable minor loss (and it would of been a draw if you were playing vps).

Great report


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Default Re: [BatRep] Red Sun Orks ride bikes (2nd installment)

It's mob checks. Orks don't have to take moral checks unless they get below a certain number of troops, then and really only then will they have ot take a moral check. This is here to allow foot slogging troops to get to battle with a smaller number of troops without haveing to run back and forth all the time.

Overall that was a really nice battle you played there WANAX. It was an interesting read I have to say. And was it speed freaks you were frighting might I ask?

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Default Re: [BatRep] Red Sun Orks ride bikes (2nd installment)

Orks can ignore a failed test if they roll equal or under to the number of models left in the unit.

There is a (special) unit champion, which allows his stormboys to jump12" then assault 12" but they count as landing in dangerours terrains

I have to say that was an exciting battle, just by reading it, and it sounds like you did very well against what seems to be an extremely competetive army (i play orks so i would know )
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Default Re: [BatRep] Red Sun Orks ride bikes (2nd installment)

He said they were red sun or some such name. They are more shooty than regular speedfreaks, but everyone was on a vehicle. Those bikes with TL big shootas tore me up. He started with I think 20. It was an awsome fight

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Default Re: [BatRep] Red Sun Orks ride bikes (2nd installment)

Man Wanax your BR's are an intersting read. You have played really well in both of them. I am looking foward to reading your one against Iron Warriors.
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Default Re: [BatRep] Red Sun Orks ride bikes (2nd installment)


I have decided to come into 40k after 10 years of Warhammer Fantasy. I first read the new rule book and then spent a long while before I even considered what army I was going to use.

I ended up choosing Tau as my first 40k army. If however, I had read this battle report first thing after reading the rule book, I would have made my decision in seconds.

Tau are supposed to be weak in CC, but you have proved otherwise. Even when faced with an army on your doorstep, and some even pushing their way in, after turn 1, you stayed strong. I believe most people would have ditched and tried to scoot around in cover if they could; especially against the brutish Ork Waarg bands.

What you have shown there is Tauíva - The Greater Good - Enough to put you in the top ranking officers at the Shas'ar'Tol.

Much grace and the will of the greater good will prevail eventually, just other races within Universe dont know this just yet.

They will sing songs of this, and all enemies of the Tau will know of The Greater Good taught by WANAX.

Keep it going..................
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