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Revealing comparison?
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Old 28 Feb 2006, 14:15   #1 (permalink)
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Default Revealing comparison?

I have always considered the Helios config to be the premium heavy infantry killer. Recently, however, I've come to find myself drawn more towards the Burning Eye config. Sure, its got one less shot at 12" and it can't really take out vehicles, but on paper it gets more kills than Helios.

Helios v SM:
24" ---> 1(shot) * [sup]1[/sup]/[sub]2[/sub](to hit) * [sup]5[/sup]/[sub]6[/sub](to wound) = [sup]5[/sup]/[sub]12[/sub] ~ 0.42 kills
12" ---> 3(shots) * [sup]1[/sup]/[sub]2[/sub](to hit) * [sup]5[/sup]/[sub]6[/sub](to wound) = [sup]5[/sup]/[sub]4[/sub] ~ 1.25 kills

Burning Eye (no third hardpoint*) v SM:
24" ---> 1(shot) * [sup]3[/sup]/[sub]4[/sub](to hit) * [sup]5[/sup]/[sub]6[/sub](to wound) = [sup]15[/sup]/[sub]24[/sub] ~ 0.63 kills
12" ---> 2(shots) * [sup]3[/sup]/[sub]4[/sub](to hit) * [sup]5[/sup]/[sub]6[/sub](to wound) = [sup]15[/sup]/[sub]12[/sub] ~ 1.25 kills

* The reason I didn't fill the madatory third hardpoint was to help illustrate the slightly added versatility that Burning Eye holds over Helios (except if the suits are Shas'vre). You could of course add a targetting array (in which case the kills go higher), but you could just as easily add something else:
  • Add a flamer to decrease its cost and give it an anti-light-infantry option
  • Add a burst cannon (much the same as above, but with more range)
  • Add a missile pod. Sure it's expensive, but then it has a shot at popping the vehicle the heavy infantry is riding in before it guns them down too
  • Add a fusion blaster
  • You could even add some drones

I know the two configs are very similar when it comes to kills-on-paper, but I only ever hear people mention Helios, not both. Why is that?
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Default Re: Revealing comparison?

I dunno. =/

I always take at least one burning eye, as well as helios-6 shas'els, which are like a burning eye combined with a helios.

On the other hand, a squad of helios guided by markerlights would be much more deadly than a burning eye squad.
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Default Re: Revealing comparison?

Geq Casualties: 0.833
Meq Casualties: 0.833
Destroy AV 11: 22.2%
Destroy AV 12 Skimmer: 11.1%

Burning eye
Geq Casualties: 0.625
Meq Casualties: 0.625
Destroy AV 11: 8.3%
Destroy AV 12 Skimmer: 4.2%

As far as i see, the Helios (Helios-6) are better, and they almost cost the same
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Default Re: Revealing comparison?

I no i sound stupid for asking this an i no i seen them somewhere...but what items are on helios/burning eye?
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Default Re: Revealing comparison?

Burning eye - twin plasma, whatever
Helios - Plasma Fusion Multitracker

Err, it looks like you are comparing the helios at <12" and the burning eye at >12"...

They have equal killing capacity at short range, and the burning eye is better at long range. The helios can take out vehicles better.

Personally I think BS3 is too unreliable for an elite. I'd rather have a better chance to hit all around.
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