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Shadowsun colour schemes!
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Default Shadowsun colour schemes!

Okay, here it is. What colour would you paint your Shadowsun? If you get it or not. I'm thinking scab red where the white is on the Eavy metal model. Fits well with my army. The guns will be vomit brown like hers.

And yours?
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Default Re: Shadowsun colour schemes!

Same colour as the rest of my army. Namely, Liche Purple and Vomit Brown/Vermin Brown with yellow markings.

Unless she's a Stealth Suit. In which case I'll do a massive conversion having her morphing into a tree or something. At least that's what I tell myself. I've had Stealth Suits for ages and haven't got round to it.

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Default Re: Shadowsun colour schemes!

if i get her....

armour: dark red. dark flesh then scab red then red gore and i little highlight of blood red or blazing orange
hair: NOT red! black
random colours: vermin brown, then bleached bone, highlighted with skull white.

i chose dark because she's in a STEALTH suit!

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Default Re: Shadowsun colour schemes!

Scaly green, and Scaly green + Bone white.

Either that or do the secondary colors like the rest of my army; space wolves grey. The hair might be red, or I'd use that hawk turqoise that's been in my paint collection unused since...well...forever.
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Default Re: Shadowsun colour schemes!

Something distinctive and special. I'll have a better idea once I figure out the scheme for the rest of my army.
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