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Tactica: Lone Wolves
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Default Tactica: Lone Wolves

First tactica I have ever written, I hop everyone likes it.

Now, the humble stealth team has been talked about before but I would like to provide some in - depth tactics on the uses I have found for them. Hopefully these ideas are still new, and will help all who utilise one of the best units at our disposal.

Lone Wolves:
The Stealth Teams in the codex are described as being the "Lone Wolves," ranging ahead of the Tau army to sow disruption in the enemy. This can be done on the table top as well, in various ways. I will detail a few of the most effective uses I have found for stealth teams, since I started playing.

This is the simplest way to use a Stealth team. You usually infiltrate them towards a area of the opponents army containing a threat to your army, e.g. a Devestator Squad with Lascannons (if you are mech) or Heavy Bolters (static).
You opponent will see the team coming and will either ignore them, allowing them to neutralise the target, saving your army, or attack them with some of his men, which will therefore have taken a unit out of battle, while they deal with the resilient Stealths. What? T3 troops are resilient? Well, they can be. Thanks to the Stealth armour, J-S-J, and judicious use of cover, it can be hard to neutralise them, therefore meaning anything sent to deal with them is not touching the rest of your army.

No, I don't mean send them after JFK, but Stealth Teams mount considerable firepower for a unit so small. Pick a enemy unit that is a threat, be it Devestators, a Leman Russ or an Ork Dreadnaught. Use cover to keep them out of sight and charge, and when the time is right, have them jump into fireing range, against the rear armour, or the Devestators. I won't reprint the maths, as others have done that better than I could, but it is safe to say, against a 5 man Devestator unit they can swiftly damage it, if not kill them all. Against a tank, 18 S5 shots on the rear armour of a russ is not going to leave much left, even if you only stop it from shooting for a turn, they can then repeat it next turn.

Assault Distraction:
A variation on Distraction, this tactic can mean the death of your Stealths. If the enemy does get close enough to your army to assault you men, making the Stealths a tantalising target will save the men, and by keeping your distances right, the men can then kill the enemy that charged the Stealths next turn. The stealths may even take down some of the enemy, as they count as in cover, and have S4. Or you can charge them, if the situation is desperate enough. What? Charge with Tau? Well yes, actually. I'm not going to lie to you, even Stealths are naff in CC, but with multiple attacks, and an assault weapon, and a S4, they can do some damage. If your fire warriors are already in CC, a charge by a Stealth team may save them. Although, I don't advise this against Terminators.

This is another of the Stealth Teams missions. Thanks to their multiple shot weapon, and the high strength of 5, there is very few transports they can't damage. If, for example, your opponent is sending a Rhino down a flank that you have a Stealth team on, then you can riddle it with burst fire, stopping if not destroying it, and leaving the men inside pinned, and walking for the rest of the game. They can also shoot against a pair of units readying for a combined assault, or by drawing a unit's attention away from your more squishy Fire Warriors.
If you are playing Imperial Guard, or Space Marines, or Orks et al, there is a chance of facing artillery. This ranges from the humble Lobba/Mortar to the devestating Basilisk. Now, most of the time, these will be deployed behind terrain, making it hard to stop the incessant rain of fire. This is where Stealth Teams come in. Thanks to infiltrate and jetpacks, they can get next to the artillery and open fire, usually annihialating them, thus disrupting their artillery.

Take and Hold!
I realised this tactic the other week at our mega battle. On my side of the field, there was an objective halfway up the table that had to be captured. I was able to deploy my Stealth Team out of site, and in turn one, capture the objective, and hold it long enough for the rest of my army to roll up.
This tactic works best with multiple small objectives, as Stealths, good as they are, cannot hold off an entire army. Infiltrate them, preferably in cover, near the objective, and then simply roll up to capture it. With luck and skill, they can hold the objective long enough for you to get more support to them. In our game, in one turn I was able to claim 200 Vp's and hold them til the end thanks to this.
They can also perform a variant on this tactic to take a table quarter. They infiltrate in, and, with the support of some of your army kill every enemy in it then hold it til the end.

Lone Wolves:
As I said at the start, Stealths are the Lone Wolves of the army. While everything else must work in conjunction to bring about victory, with the Stealth Team you are better assigning a mission (like the examples given above) and allowing them to follow only that mission, with minimal support. Used correctly, they can easily earn their points back, hold a mission objective, or assasinate an enemy squad. Used incorrectly, and they will die quickly. They are an independant element in an army of unity, go on, give them a go and see what they can do for you. They have never let me down, and will always have a place in my army.
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Default Re: Tactica: Lone Wolves

Excellent work!

In my usage of stealthsuits, I only use around half of the tactics there, but they're pretty much tried and tested and work really well. I truly love stealthsuits though, and I always have a squad in my army They are a surprisingly versatile unit, mostly independant of the rest of the army, thus the 'Lone Wolves' description, and for me, can easily fill some role gaps in my army.
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Default Re: Tactica: Lone Wolves

looking at it you pretty much covered it. well dones are you going to do any pics?

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