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Help with Tau vs. Necrons and/or Chaos
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Default Help with Tau vs. Necrons and/or Chaos

well I'm a noob at 40k and I'm gonna admit it. well i just played chaos khorn and had some fluke roll (i beet khorn bezerkers in combat 4 turns in a row when i was outnumbed by 3 i won). with the necrons i always have bad rolls and hav no tactics agaist them and just get munted (damm "well be back!")


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Default Re: Help with tau vs necrons and or chaos

The only advice I can give you against necrons is, concentrate your fire on a single squad and keep firing until they're either all dead or your out of guns this will stop or limit there "we'll be back" rolls.

Don't bother with C'Tan, they're incredibly hard to kill, if you find that your opponents c'tan is getting too close for comfort, try and tie him up in combat for as long as possible with drones or something that you don't mind losing. And hope that you can remove 75% of their army before he gets you.
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Default Re: Help with Tau vs. Necrons and/or Chaos

if he has nightbringer then it isnt very good. Gaze of death uses an ordanance template around his center, hits on a 4+ and str 4 no saves allowed, so porr luck if he has one. plus his portable lascannon.....
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Default Re: Help with Tau vs. Necrons and/or Chaos

I fight a nec opponent often enough to know you need to bring as many ap3 weapons as possible.

Config your Hammerheads for Ion cannon. You may concider a pathfinder team to work on one of your flanks to paint targets for your Heavy support.

Take down his destroyers first and with extream malice. The path finders and tanks can do that ( take a few seekers for that extra punch when you need it, use them early)

Ive found str 5 weapons are effective at wounding nec warriors but thier armour save makes all str 5 weapons less reliable. Still dont discount pulling off a single or double Fish of Fury attack on a isolated target.

Hammer head rail heads ordenance templete is fun to use but again not reliable enough to use on anything other than scarabs.

Lastly stay mobile. play to the mission and not over reach by trying to force phase out. concentrate fire on one unit at a time till dead. focus on units that are out of the Rez orb or wwb range, and if they are the only unit of its type on the field. Denigh him as many wwb rolls as you can and he will feel each death much more personaly.
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