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Tau go toe to toe with Word Bearers and win!
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Default Tau go toe to toe with Word Bearers and win!

Standard 1100pt game with 3 rhinos full of CSM. They move first. Get to within 12". I go second, shoot up the rhinos and everyone gets out killing 3 total. Then template on the survivers, stealths, FW, crisis plasma, etc etc. Turn 4 2 demonette and 1 furie squads are all that he can get near me. Stealth duke it out from building with furies, loose 1 and pass test. Turn 5 Broadside charges furies in flank. Furies kill 2 stealth, stealth kill 2 furies, and broadside kills 2 furies. Furies go away.

it look like this:
:-X :P ;D


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