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Different Kroot?
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Default Different Kroot?

I've seen some posts where there are different kroot types, and they have different type of upgrades, yet when i go to GW website they dont have those type of kroot people are talking about. I would also like to know is there different variations of Models that are not in the official codex but still allowed in some official places to play? One more thing, why is the Tau catalog at GW's website not working?
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Default Re: Different Kroot?

There are only kroot from the GW box but you can always model some different ways to make them look cooler.

The GW web site for shopping is under construction of the Tau page due to the new models comming out next months. ;D

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Default Re: Different Kroot?

Check elsewhere to get an idea of what's coming up- the US Online Store is suspiciously barren.
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Default Re: Different Kroot?

Besides the kroot, kroothound and krootox available everywhere and seen in the Tau codex, one can customize their armies using the kroot mercenary army rules:


Basically adds different traits to kroot units to make them a stand-alone army.

There's also the forgeworld Knarlocs and such:

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