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500pt game coming up - seeking advice
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Default 500pt game coming up - seeking advice

I have a 500pt game (for an escalation league) coming up. I'm seeking advice on what to field. Since I don't want to be too cheesy, I want to nail down my force before determining who my opponent will be. But there is a good chance it will be a marine player (isn't that always true?). Here are some details of the specific scenario we have to play...

At least one Troops choice.
May have one HQ choice, but no more than one.
No more than 50 points on Wargear and/or Vehicle Upgrades.
No model can have more than 2 Wounds.
No Special Characters.
No vehicles may have an armor value of greater than 33 (Front + Side + Rear).
May spend your remaining points from anywhere in the Codex using the Standard Force Organization Chart.

Turn length is 6 turns.

The terrain is a pock marked landscape, plenty of craters, ditches, trenches, etc. Some water may have collected in the depressions (maybe its toxic, up to players). Some rubble may be strewn about. No buildings are standing and any woods that remain are small. Any model in a crater or depression gains the benefit of cover. Any model not in a depression is out in the open, and can be seen unless obviously line of sight is blocked.

Night fighting, infiltrate, and deep strike are all in effect.

Mission is to destroy, or control, a center objective. Remainder of VP's determined by casualties.

Thanks for any help/advice people can offer.

Oh, and any model is fine. I have most of mine painted now, and can definately paint whatever I need in time for this game. So that isn't a limitation.

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Default Re: 500pt game coming up - seeking advice

Since this is a small mission and has plenty of cover, I'd say to use a static army list at this size since you can't take a Commander due to the 2W limit.

This makes your HQ choice very simple- an Ethereal and nothing else.

That also makes your Troops choice equally simple- a nice big unit of Fire Warriors to plonk your Ethereal in.

This means your total so far is less than 200pts, leaving plenty of other options out there.

I'd say since you can't take heavy vehicles, take none. A single Missile Pod (twin-linked preferably) and/or plasma rifle will give you the anti-transport firepower you'll need at best...and can help out against infantry if you don't need it. Consider also taking another unit of Fire Warriors maxed out likewise, taking your total to around 375ish total, leaving you with enough points for a small unit of Stealthsuits if you want to be fiddly because there will be no woods for your Kroot and they are devastating without many heavy weapons to shoot them in Night Fighting missions.

So your list would be something like...

(bearing in mind I'm going by the current Codex :P)




24 Fire Warriors, spread out over 2-3 units (a big unit to keep the Ethereal safe and another to back them up with firepower)


3 Stealthsuits

Crisis Suit (Twin-linked missile pod, plasma rifle, multi-tracker)

That's about all you really need and can afford. Any left over points spend on getting a few more Fire Warriors into your units...or taking some Drones for your Ethereal. This gives your army enough numbers to be safe and plenty of terrain to hide in against heavy bolters and autocannon. Your missile pods will murder any charging rhino quite easily and can then fly around shooting at little things when given a chance until it dies (if it does). Your firebase is quite powerful and it's centre is fearless so that your opponent can't get them to run away and if you take two 6-strong units on either side (or 8+ if you have the points left over) then you can support them or pick off isolated targets if you've got spare shots remaining...it also means these smaller and more fragile units will not be shot (since he will be trying to wear down the big one and kill your Ethereal).

The central objective you can move towards at will and just blast away anything that dares to sit on it. Your Fire Warriors can then hold out on it...with your Stealths doing whatever needs to be done and Crisis suit busting any tank. A small and reliable list, as I'd see it.
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Default Re: 500pt game coming up - seeking advice

Stealthsuits in a night fight game is essential. I would recommend a few markerlights on 2 groups of firewarriors, as with the new rules, a marked unit can be shot at by friendlies in the dark. This means anything that gets close to your troops gets nailed by a good chunk of your army. I would recommend an ethereal and 2 crisis suits as well. Missile/plasma would be fine, but plasma/fusion might be better if you happen to come across an assaulty marine force.
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