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Gue'la tanks??
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Old 21 Feb 2006, 15:46   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Gue'la tanks??

is there a rule against the human auxiliarys using leman russ (converted or otherwise) tanks in a game? If so ............... why not!!!??? all the fluff checks out. If the tau take over and assimilate a world occupied by the empirium, it would be in the tau way to upgrade and improve all of the current technologie. E.G. a Leman Russ with an ion cannon. Just a thought.

sorry maybe i phrased that wrong, I was just wondering if perhaps anyone knew of any rules against using the humans with one of their own tanks.

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Default Re: gue'la tanks??

I don't know where it says we can't use theire tanks, but it isn't mentioned that we can so ... we can't use them. (does that make sense :-\)
You can't use Dark Eldar and Eldar together because it says you can't it's just because it doesn't say you can use them.

According to the fluff they could use tanks and it would be good to. Even if it's just a Chimera, then they can use a transport. Or just make the Devilfish a separate unit entry (not always) so you can take a Devilfish that can transport any squad.

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That might be the logic, altough this isn't so with Gue'la who get born in the empire.


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Default Re: gue'la tanks??

You could be like me, and make your own tanks from scratch and then use the Tau tank rules. (for those of you wondering, yes, the tanks are hover tanks)
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: gue'la tanks??

thamks a lot ................ this is my first post so i wasnt sure how it would go down
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Default Re: gue'la tanks??

A Gue'vesa probably would have access to a Chimera, Sentinel, or a Lemun Russ, but stuff like Demolishers, Griffons, Basilisks, and Hellhounds would be out of reach. If you want Gue'vesa using tanks, just use Imperial Guard with some limitations and doctrines. You get no Tau, but you do get Gue'vesa with lots more options.

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Default Re: gue'la tanks??

Originally Posted by beautiful suit
thamks a lot ................ this is my first post so i wasnt sure how it would go down
Welcome to the forums!

While it is true that the Imperial Guard left behind after the Damocles Gulf Crusade may have retained some of their vehicles, there is no way in the rules to actually field a Tau army with Imperial Vehicles, or indeed any Imperial units beyond the Chapter Approved Gue'Vesa. :-\ You can field an Imperial Guard army and say they are Gue'Vesa (as Black Behemoth pointed out), but then you can't field any Tau units with them.

If you need a fluff justification, it is possible that few if any of the Crusade's attached Techpriests and Enginseers went over to the Tau. Imperial Vehicles are somewhat more complicated than they first appear, and the Earth Caste may not have had a good way to see to their maintenance and upkeep.
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Default Re: Gue'la tanks??

Can Gue'la use devilfish though?
Originally Posted by Wargamer
Aha, a brilliant point Impulse!
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Default Re: Gue'la tanks??

I don't think the Tau would give them such vehicles (Devilfish and hover tanks)...but instead let them use the ones they have already (like a Leman Russ). Many of the more specialised vehicles come from forge worlds or specialised industrial centres, not basic production facilities and certainly not likely to be made on Tau-colonised worlds (ie ones they let Gue'La on).

If you want lots of specialised Gue'Vesa madness, take a Guard army and play them like that. If you want them thrown onto a Tau force, just do that instead.
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Default Re: Gue'la tanks??

I personally think that the tau would let the gue'la use some lesser things like sentinels, and probably let them use some heavy support teams to like some heavy bolters maybe? i think the tau would let them use those things more than, lets say a leman russ or some big tank like that.
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Default Re: Gue'la tanks??

The only way I see tau and imperial tanks on the same side is if you have a 2v2 game. The guard player could just use doctrines to represent being part of the tau empire.... or the tau could be farsight enclave and be mercenary to the guard.

I'm sure that the humans get more than lasguns and a few light infantry pulse weapons... it's just that in game terms it wouldn't be very fair.
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