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A challenge for Tau players..win an assault mission...
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Default A challenge for Tau players..win an assault mission...

You certainly aren't very accostumed to see Tau trying to bash in a battle line of close combat monster... can the tau do that? We will see...

I'm going to play a particular scenario against a tyranid player... I don't remember the name of the scenario but i start with my force in the centre... the tyr force is divided in 2 (each one fielded on one of the short sides) and i try to escape from one of the short sides...

Quite an intriguing task for a veteran tau player... let's see what i'm expecting to find.

The usual tyranid army i'm expecting to field is kinda like this.

2 Hive tyrant, 1 winged and 1 with 2 guards and a shooty weapon (8 wound..ouch! )
2 minimal units of gaunts
3 units of 3 raveners CC equipped
3 Carnifexes with shooty weapon (i'm sure one or 2 of those are elite carnifex with 3+ save and 4 wounds)
3 Zoanthrpes with St10 shot and the small template

Remembering he's splitting his force in 2 blocks i will have to decide where to go.. i will have to be really fast or the monster on my back will catch me!
So i gotta create a list to quickly pass trough 2/3 monstrous creatures , some ravener and 1/2 zoanthropes.

Let's see what thought to take:

First of all my force need to be really fast! Not much a problem for a tau..i will run a mostry mechanized force.
I really fear those nasty big monsters, so i have to find a capable solution for all of them. My heavy supports comes in hand showing me the skyray...it's missile rack capable of fire 2 missile witha ML shot will grant me fast demise for a 3+save carnifex. Now the obvious other HS choice is an HammerH. I decided to leave the railgun at home because i need to get out fast and a rail shot will cause a single wound to a big monster..not enough to buy it. So i'll mount on my Hammer a juicy Ion cannon.. it will grant me good firepower while advancing and enough punch to wound a carnifex.
My HS are completed, but none of them are able to eliminate a 2+ save hive tyrant. For this task i thought a crisis team should be the best choice. I'll take a Shas'El with plasma/fusion MT along with 2 Bodyguard with plasma/fusion, HWMT, TA...This should be enough firepower to take down a HT in a coulpe of turns.
To grant my team stays alive until the task is done i'll give them a coupe of Sh. drones (better 3?)
Well now on my troop chices... those raveners are really hard hitting in CC and will eat me in one bite if not treated properly.. I need a heavy damege unit capable of wiping them out without chance to reply.
2x10 Fire warrior teams i DF should do the trick. I'll equip my fidhes with SMS and TA to be sure not to leave a single Ravener alive.. After that my warriors can enbark again and run for their freedom!

By now we have:
HQ crisis team (225pts)
Mounted Fire warrior team (215pts)
Mounted Fire warrior team (215pts)

Ionhead (135pts)
Skyray (135pts)

Total of 925 pts (point costs are not precise but it should be roughly like those)

Now i have nearly 575 pts and i ask you advices on what to field...
The Zoanthropes are a real trouble...they're 2+ save and can blow up my skimmers with the St 10 shot....
Maybe a couple of fusion piranha can rip them out...

Now the word to veteran tau players
(sorry 4 my poor english)

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Default Re: A challenge for tau players..win an assault mission...

Packing some Plasma or Fusion on the Crisis Suits will deal with the Zoanthorpes.

This mission is easily one by following one simple rule: Go for the weak spot!

Look at how he deploys, and find where to break. If he brings his whole army to bear, you will lose. However, you need only face half his army, and given your army looks pretty quick, you can face it on your own terms. You want to single out somewhere he can't support easily, so it might be worth breaking through a "fast" enemy, steam-rollering your whole army over them, and enjoying the warm glow that comes from knowing that by the time he gets his act together and counterattacks, you'll be off the board.
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Originally Posted by Tom Norman
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Default Re: A challenge for Tau players..win an assault mission...

Is ther scenario you are talking about called Blitz. Cause if it is I have played as Tau against Tyranid in that scenario. All I can say is man eventhough I lost it was very different to be charging at a Tyranid army instead of the other way round. Fun scenario overall. Very fun indeed.
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Default Re: A challenge for Tau players..win an assault mission...

Cover fire and Decoys. That's what you'll need. Drones will effectively fill in both of this roles. Take 1-2 maxed out squads and put them in the forfront. Take markerlight support. They will be invaulable for your firesupport. Also, think about taking stealths. They are fast and have the equivalent of 18 pulse carbines. It makes a nice dent in hordes.
Originally Posted by Wargamer
Aha, a brilliant point Impulse!
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Default Re: A challenge for Tau players..win an assault mission...

I posted the army i expect to fight with... it's not very horde but is full of big nasties.. I think i'll need a unit to stop the pursuing of extra fast raveners from the backside...a medium sized kroot squad should do the trick...
With the points remaining i sould take another crisis team to deal with trophes and help bring down this hive tyrant...
A team of piranha should be out of the table in in 2 turns... and whilde doing this they can bring some fusion shot...i'll see if i have the points...

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Default Re: A challenge for Tau players..win an assault mission...

There's no avoiding a flying Tyrant...and while he does cost a ridiculous amount of points, you HAVE to deal with him...unlike the Carnifexes that you can safely ignore for the most part or just pick on and bring down
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Default Re: A challenge for Tau players..win an assault mission...

It would seem that vehicles would be your best friend in this scenario; crisis suits will get bogged down by those leaping gaunts fairly quickly. However, plasma fusion crisis are probably your best bet vs those pesky warp blast zoanthropes.

You could try advancing the devilfishes so that they are in the way of the gaunts. The battlesuits will be safe from most close combat attacks (watch for lictors) and can walk right up to the zoanthropes before blasting them and proceeding off the table.

As to the flying hive tyrant, he is no faster than you are. As long as you keep moving forward, that tyrant won't be able to catch you unless you are headed right for it. (in which case I usually just tank shock it out of the way with several vehicles)
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