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Rate, and help on new units
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Rate, and help on new units

I had bought a starter kit long time ago, maybe 4 to 5 years ago. It came with space marines and dark elder. More recently (when Tau first came out) I bought the Tau stater kit. I've never actually played a battle with anyone of them because i've never had time to assemble all the units.

I know my rulebook and codex is outdated because i went to the official website, so i would like to ask some questions. Is the new rulebook out and is the new Tau codex out?

Could you rate(on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest. Give your reasons why.):

Crisis suit

Stealth suit










The HQs

The Special characters

Could you also tell me anyother new units that are out or will be coming out.

Thank you
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Default Re: Rate, and help on new units

Welcome to the forums!

The new codex will be out in a few weeks, as will the first of the new models. Check the 40k Rumours forum or the stickied topic at the top of this board in Important Topics.

The 4th Edition of 40k has been out for some time, but it is new since the Tau release.

I am not sure the Tau army is simple enough for me to rate units individually like that. Too many of them rely on each other to be effective.
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Default Re: Rate, and help on new units

Crisis suit - 8, The most flexable unit we have, it can be equiped to battle hordes or go Terminator hunting with plasma.

Stealth suit - 10, Hard to catch, count as being in cover if charged, Stealthy (not the new models too much though), oh and lets not forget the fat they are super anti horde, with 3 S5 shots.

Firewarrior - 8, Great gun, very mobile if given a Devilfish, or carbines.

Kroot - 6 Not an assault unit! Put them in some bushes and they will be annoys to your enemy to no ends.

Hounds - 3 I dont use them because I dont assault with Kroot

Krotoox - 0 completely useless, a Heavy support slot, 50 pts and is killed by S6 weapons. No thank you.

Pathfinder - 6, now, but 8 after new release, cheap markerlights.

Broadside - 8 Huge firepower unmatched by any.

HammerHead - 10, Best Tank in the game, moblie railgun, can begiven an upgrade the allows it to fire weapons as if it was fast.

DevilFish - 6, only good if you have Fire Warriors or Path Finders in it.

Drones - 8, They can Deep Strike and Hold up enemy assault teams fior a few turns + pinning carbines.

The HQs - Commander, see Crisis, Aun - 10, He makes any unit he joins fearless, and allows morale checks to be re-rolled

The Special characters
Not worth mentioning.

The Mothman
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Default Re: Rate, and help on new units

This will be a fun little game. Let's see....

Crisis suit- 7/5. Fun unit, but really dependent on terrain for safety, and weapon loadout can make the unit too specialized at times. One squad gets a 7, but if you take more than 1 squad, you might have terrain-issues, so I'd drop it to 5.

Stealth suit- 8. Mobile, infiltrate, deepstrike, good firepower, and stealth field. It's really tough to get a better all-around unit than this. Can kill just about anything, and then move quickly and freely to capture objectives.

Firewarrior- 4. Not a big fan. Fairly expensive as a static unit, they get really expensive when you throw in a devilfish transport (which can't capture objectives, by the way). Same firepower as the stealth suits, except they either get shot up in return (static) or only get 1 or 2 rounds of fire off a game (mobile). Required to take 1 squad per army.

Kroot- 7. A very versitile unit. Infiltration and fieldcraft allows for useful positionning of these forces (objectives, flanking shots or protecting your flank from infiltrating heavy weapons). Use primarily for harrassing fire from cover, although can assault moderate-poor melee armies. Can also give assaulting enemy troops a decent thumping if they are in cover and get to strike first, depending on who they're hitting. Don't bother with a shaper.

Hounds-4. Eh. If kroot are primarily a shooty force, why spend points on non-shooty elements?

Krotoox-0. Well, he is certainly shootier than regular kroot...until you realize you can get 7 regular kroot for the same price. Takes away infiltration AND a heavy support slot? Worthless.

Pathfinder-3. Markerlights just aren't worth it. If they'll be helpful to your army, they'll get shot up quickly (not a tough or extremely long-ranged unit). If they aren't useful...well, you've got a 200ish point unit that isn't very helpful. Get something that shoots and moves instead. Might bump up to 4 with new codex.

Broadside-With the current rules screwing drones...I can't even judge these guys. With the new codex, they'll get better. Probably around 6 in the new codex.

HammerHead- 10. It's a great unit that can do it all. Kill hordes? Check. Kill tanks? Check. Not great against MEQs (even with an ion cannon), but can whittle them down with time. Mobile, tough, powerful....a serious contender for best 40K tank status.

DevilFish-1/4. It's a dead weight for pathfinders that every Tau player I know wishes they didn't have to take. For firewarriors, they make the firewarriors more effective and safer, but more expensive, lowering your scoring unit number. Overall, it's a great transport....the Tau list just doesn't have anything that justifies a 95ish point transport.

Drones. 5? A small squad to drop in to claim objectives or attempt to shoot rear armor might be worth it, but I wouldn't try it. The jump abilty should keep them safer, but they can make a pretty big unit, and Tau usually have a LOT of stuff trying to hide behind whatever limited cover there is, so these guys often get in the way.

The HQs- 7-8 Shas'els can provide a good deal of firepower to address whatever weaknesses the rest of your list has....usually anti-MEQ stuff. Independent character status protects them fairly well, ands grants them more free movement than a regular crisis squad. Kind of pricey, though, and not a scoring unit unless you take an expensive bodyguard (and lose IC status).

4-Ethereal In third edition, I ran an ethereal at time with a static gunline list that worked fairly well. In the current edition, mobility is key, and you usually don't have units taking that many leadership test (or at least I don't....my squads are usually safe, or getting nuked completely). I don't think the next codex will change this much.

The Special characters-never played them. Commander Farsight is certainly the most interesting special character I've ever read about, and I'm always curious to hear about what's going on regarding him, but his list is pretty tough to use, and he is a little pricey. Still, having a close combat monster in a crisis suit just seems right....I hope the new codex will make him more attractive (though I doubt it).

As for new units coming out, I'm mostly curious about sniper drones and piranhas. Sniper drones teams are 3 drones and a Tau controller that have the same stealth field as stealth suits, and the drones have +1 BS and railrifles (currently listed online as 36" str 6 AP3 heavy1). I have to assume the stats won't change with the new codex. The piranha is a fast skimmer vehicle that is slightly cheaper (20 points, I think) than a devilfish, but with the same armament, although you can pay to replace the burst cannon with a fusion blaster.

You can find the other units, and changes to current units, by snooping around the rumors forums.
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Default Re: Rate, and help on new units

I'm going by what I know of the new codex when I make my judgement...and this is personally what I believe they are in relation to a HYBRID army, not a static or a mechanised army. Who knows...I may even play one myself

Commander - 9/10. A necessary and extremely effective choice which can be customised into ANYTHING you can possibly want...the only reason I would deny them a full 10 would be that with these upgrades, they are extremely expensive for one model, even if that one model is deadly and hard to kill.

Ethereal - 7/10. A useful but potentially hazardous choice if he is allowed to die...I see him as a 'global upgrade' for the army, in that he benefits the lot rather than being useful himself...like the Vows of an Emperor's Champion. Just stick him in a gunline and let him do his magic until he bites the bullet- low customisability and frailty are his drawbacks, which can cause a terrible blow to your army.

Crisis suit - 8/10. Amazing customisability, relatively cheap (for what they can do) and feared to unrealistic extents because they are so hard to pick out with basic firepower. While immensely useful as an irritation and distraction, they are not the main damage-dealers of your army- they are finishers off, distractors, irritations and vultures- use them to wipe out the heaviest threats while your basic troops wear down the main enemy force.

Stealth suit - 6/10. While these are better at killing basic troops than a Crisis suit and have a variety of useful options to help out with this, I take points off them for the loss of customisability. Extremely good infantry hunters, however...and a definite 'must have' unit, if one exists.

Firewarrior - 8/10. These are some of the best line troopers in the game due to their guns and armour. You can't take heavy weapons but who cares? I have done fine without relying on them with other armies. Massive units for static gunlines or pocket defence and also handy for Fish of Fury strikes make these guys a nightmare to assault. An army without lots of these is not a Tau army. Personally, I love armies packed with loads and loads of basic troops to do the real damage...and...well, these are excellent in either role.

Kroot - 7/10. Love them or hate them, these guys definitely have their place as a full unit with Krootox and Hounds and everything...all forming a big mass together. They look amazing as this and are reasonable in combat when they are charged and okay in shooting, so if there is nothing better...a few Kroot guns will knock out a Rhino if you MUST waste the S4 fire of the unit to stop it. In cover, yeah, they fight better...but cover is better used as something to move through rather than hide in...unless you already start off with a big block of trees to hide in and shoot out of at the start of the game and form up defensively around it. In this -rare- circumstance, Kroot really are quite matchless against most weak units and will be avoided. Honestly, it's a matter of knowing how to use them and I freely admit I don't know one bit about doing that :P

Pathfinders - 10/10. Easily a mandatory unit for Markerlights. This is where you get them and lots of them and can really do some hurting with everything else in your army duue to them. Even fragile as they are without their Devilfish, the simple fact is that you can knock out one deadly unit and bam- your points are paid for pretty much. It's hard to 'trade off' units like this, but that's what I see them as. Use them as long as possible until they die.

Broadside - 6/10. The strongest anti-tank unit in the entire game. A unit of these will wipe out anything, Markerlight or not. That said...they're specialised heavily into this and can't do a lot of anything else and cost a lot...so in that regard I rate them the same as Stealthsuits. They are amazing for one thing and barely useful for anything else- SMS or plasma rifles? You shouldn't have to use these to keep them alive- support your Broadsides better.

HammerHead - 8/10. Fast anti-tank power, hard to kill and even more anti-swarm power. I love these things and would rate them over Broadsides...or at least alongside them. They let you move around and hunt for targets rather than just deny movement or provide defence- if your opponent comes barrelling down on you anyway, he's prolly got a very nasty reason to do so.
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