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lonely tau
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Default Gue'la

Gue'la means human but then you dissect the word and you see 'La-line trooper so naturally that means the prefix Gue means human so does that make the Tau think that all humans are line troopers? plus Gue'vesa means "human helper" so do Humans that join the Tau not have a beggining rank?
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Default Re: Gue'la

I haven't read anything on that so sorry, I can't help you there.
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Default Re: Gue'la

Gue'vesa is the term for Human Helpers.

If I remember correctly in the chapter aproved rules, there are two kinds of Gue'vesa, the basic trooper, Gue'la, and the leader Gue'ui.

Look for a link in those stickied threads up above this forum.
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Gue'la

The article in the current/old Tau codex (NOT Tau Empires :P) on the tau language covers this pretty well (as does the Gue'vessa PDF).

In the tau tongue, la is the term given to 'the lowest' or equivalent - so within the military this becomes 'line trooper', or Shas'la, as you noted. Tau construction workers and agriculturists go by the title Fio'la, by way of contrast.

The word gue refers to 'being' or 'life form', so that Gue'la actually translates into "Lowest Being" in a literal form, which reflects the contempt that the Tau often hold humans in. If I remember correctly, 'gue' is used as a root in most of the tau terms for other races.

As hey you pointed out, though, it unfortunately works quite neatly for the unit of human helpers - in this context I assume that gue'la is not an insult, but the sort of "we value your place in our machine" sort of honourific that the Tau culture is so fond of.

I got a little carried away there, I think...

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Default Re: Gue'la

"Gue" Refers to humans in general.
'la is the ranking - for Tau, it's just soldier, line trooper etc.
"Vesa" means helper.

So "Gue'Vesa" means human (+) helper, whereas "Gue'la" means human soldier basically. Gue'la generally refers to human soldiers that they tau are fighting etc (these are really the only humans they see - so they would consider them all troopers? aside from traders etc, for whom they probably have a slightly different name..).

Tau commonly abbreviate ranks to omit the starting word - 'gue' in this case, but it's generally 'shas' that they leave out. E.g. La'Kais is mentioned throughout the novel Fire Warrior, but he's still a Shas'la.
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Default Re: Gue'la

Originally Posted by hey you1
Gue'vesa is the term for Human Helpers.

If I remember correctly in the chapter aproved rules, there are two kinds of Gue'vesa, the basic trooper, Gue'la, and the leader Gue'ui.

Look for a link in those stickied threads up above this forum.
A low-ranking human auxiliary would be referred to as a Gue'vesa'la. Rather cumbersome, but potentially less insulting than simply Gue'la.
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Default Re: Gue'la

'la in this instance might also mean "basic" or "common". However, I am puzzled why this wouldn't have been first applied to Orks.

It's just in line with GW's giving humans insulting names in alien tongues. Mon-keigh anyone?
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Default Re: Gue'la

Mon-Keigh... Gue'la...

'La = line trooper is NOT a simple equasion. It is the nearest Gothic equivilant in that context.

Therefore all humans are Gue'la.

Gue'vesa'la and their Gue'vesa'ui are still Gue'la. They just now have a formal ranking in Tau society. Therefore, Gue'la should be considered like Shas for dissasembling words.
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Default Re: Gue'la

When I first thought about this AGES ago (when the Tau codex came out), someone asked me what "Gue'La" meant and I told him it's just that 'Gue' means human and 'La' refers to a group of regular ordinary humans without mockery implied...it's like if they referred to a group of Fire Warriors, they'd say "Shas'La"...they're referring to humans by a normal word...as I took it anyway :P
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