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Of Gue'vesa & Killteams
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Default Of Gue'vesa & Killteams

So, i finally got most my army set up and painted, and jumped on to the humans, first thing I saw was the flamer thingy, so i started to figure out some stuff and remembered a list arround somewhere here of a Gue'vesa themed IG army with kroot on it.

Heres the questions:
A)What where they doing there, is that becuse of mercenaries?
B)The sharper was using an evicerator and a shuriken pistol, (obiusly not from the sharper), how can that be
C)Is that a kill team?, and if it is, how can i use a killteam in my Tau army so that my Gue'vesa has a more assaulty punch with a couple of flamers hanging arround
Perhaps with plasma or stuff who knows

Its midnight, and the Rulesbook is on a friend's house so i wont bother him, but you guys i will.... (ha)

*Out of Topic*

I just felt in love with it (Wha can i say Im pyromaniatic ) so started to paint it and gluing, then drilled the front of the flamer, added a needle inside it and a small tube out to the base where the cilinder is, (like the guardsman had picked it up from a dead man and its dragging it arround), from the bottom of the cylinders into the bottom base i have another hose hooked up to a hmm how do yo name it? Syringe i think
the Syringe is then filled with gel& alcohol (from a quick fire can)

Make the math, 40 sized BBQ to go!, ill post the pics soon but the concern of little kids getting on fire keeps me creepin, so i dont want any evidence haha
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Default Re: Of Gue'vesa & Killteams

Well lets see

A.) They can be a IG a unit that went merc or more likely PDF from a planet that the Tau took from the Imperium . The Tau have no problem with them rearming as long as the work for the Tau.

B.) Thats from the Kroot Merc's list and was most likely being used as allies.

C.)It's not a kill team , kill teams can't be used in regular 40k games. Human Aux's can be use in a Tau army as a troop choice but the only weapons upgrades they can have is up to 2 pulse rifles or carbines and EMP grenades. Also the team leader may have a marker light.

I would do a search on Gue'vesa to get some more detailed tacits for Human Aux's
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Default Re: Of Gue'vesa & Killteams

A)The army you saw was a guard army using Kroot as Mercenaries. A bit more info on guards as Gue'vesa here http://uk.games-workshop.com/imperialguard/doctrines/2/

B)The shaper with the evicerator and the shuriken pistol was illegal, the evicerator being a two hand weapon.

C)Kill team is a small game of 40k with very specific rules on what you can take. No models with multiple wounds for example.

As Saint said there is no way to use a Gue'vesa with a flamer in your tau army.

ps the spell check will change Shaper to Sharper.

Warning the opinions contained in this post may not represent the opinions of my better judgement or the workings of my rational mind.

But there probably okay.
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